Christine Lagarde: News

IMF board approves increased loan package worth $56bn for Argentina

The International Monetary Fund executive board on Friday approved an increased loan package for Argentina worth $56 billion to help stabilize the crisis-battered country's economy and currency.

11 Oct 2018

World Bank

World Bank, IMF urge US, China to follow trade rules

The heads of the World Bank and IMF urged the US and China to play by world trade rules and de-escalate a dispute over China's technology development strategy that threatens to do lasting damage to the global economy.

11 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

IMF chief defends rate hikes after Trump slams 'crazy' Fed

Central bank rate hikes were a "necessary development", International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Christine Lagarde said today, a day after Donald Trump sent global markets tumbling by calling Fed increases "crazy".

22 Apr 2018

World Bank

World Bank approves historic $13 billion increase in capital

In a major development, the World Bank Group has endorsed an ambitious package of measures that include a $13 billion increase in paid-in capital.

Death penalty for child rapists: Modi Cabinet approves Ordinance

The Cabinet on Saturday cleared the ordinance seeking death penalty for those raping children under 12.

20 Apr 2018


If policies managed well, India can become powerhouse economy: IMF

India can become a powerhouse economy if policies are managed well and reforms are supportive of inclusive growth, said David Lipton, First Deputy Managing director of International Monetary Fund.

15 Oct 2017


India on solid growth-track, says IMF Chief backing GST, demonetization

Only days after the International Monetary Fund slashed India's growth forecast for 2017 and 2018, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said the country's economy is on a "very solid track" in the medium term.

14 Nov 2016


IMF approves $12bn loan to Egypt

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a three-year $12bn loan for Egypt to help it come-out the deep economic crisis, bring down public debt and control inflation.