Hamid Karzai: News

18 Aug 2021


Ex-Afghan President Karzai meets Taliban leader; talks to form government

Taliban's Haqqani Network leader Anas Haqqani has reportedly met former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai for talks in a bid to form a government in the country.

27 Jan 2018


Hamid Karzai: Trump must "walk the talk" on Pakistan's terrorism

Former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai called upon US president Donald Trump to "walk the talk" about curbing Pakistan's support to terrorist outfits.

17 Jan 2017


Keeping up with Delhi

David Guetta's India tour ends on a high note in New Delhi.

24 Aug 2016


Narendra Modi and Ashraf Ghani jointly renovate Stor Palace

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani was joined by PM Narendra Modi via video conferencing to inaugurate the renovated Stor Palace in Kabul.