Yoshihide Suga: News

29 Sep 2021


Ex-diplomat Fumio Kishida is Japan's new Prime Minister

Japan's former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida won the governing party leadership election on Wednesday and is set to become the next prime minister, facing the imminent task of addressing a pandemic-hit economy and ensuring a strong alliance with Washington to counter growing regional security risks.

25 Sep 2021


Quad leaders denounce use of 'terrorist proxies' in South Asia

Leaders of the Quad countries, the US, India, Australia, and Japan, have denounced the use of "terrorist proxies" in South Asia, in a veiled reference to Pakistan, as they emphasized the importance of denying any support to terrorist groups which could be used to launch or plan terror attacks, including cross-border attacks.

09 Sep 2021


Japan extends virus emergency until end of September

Japan announced on Thursday that it is extending a coronavirus state of emergency in Tokyo and 18 other areas until the end of September as health care systems remain under severe strain, although new COVID-19 infections have slowed slightly.

26 Aug 2021


Japan suspends 1.63mn Moderna vaccine doses after contamination found

Japan suspended use of about 1.63 million Moderna vaccine doses on Thursday after contamination was found in unused vials, raising concern of a supply shortage as the country tries to accelerate vaccinations amid a COVID-19 surge.

09 Aug 2021


Japan's PM thanks people for safe Olympics during pandemic

Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga thanked people for helping the country safely hold the Tokyo Olympics despite the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic.

08 Jul 2021

2020 Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be held under state of emergency

In a massive development, Japan Prime Minister Yoshihde Suga has announced a state of emergency due to rising number of COVID-19 infections in Tokyo.

12 May 2021


Japan: Spike in deaths at home amid fourth COVID-19 wave

The fourth COVID-19 wave is wreaking havoc in Japan where people are dying of the disease at home as highly infectious variants fuel surge in cases.

26 Jan 2021


Florida offers to host Tokyo Olympics: Details here

Florida's Chief Financial Officer, on Monday, told the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that the state would be happy to host the Olympics Games if Japan decide to back out.

06 Sep 2018


Powerful 6.6 quake strikes typhoon-hit Japan; landslides leave dozens missing

A powerful 6.6-magnitude quake rocked the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido today, killing two people, collapsing homes, and triggering landslides that left dozens missing.

12 Jul 2018


Japan: Incessant rains kill 199 so far; dozens missing

The toll in record rains that have devastated parts of Japan today rose to 199, with dozens still missing.

08 Jul 2018


Heavy rains hammer southern Japan; death toll climbs to 76

Heavy rainfall hammered southern Japan for the third day, prompting new disaster warnings on Kyushu and Shikoku islands today, as the government put the death toll at 48 with 28 others presumed dead.

18 Apr 2018

South Korea

Trump gives 'blessing' to North-South Korean peace treaty talks

US President Donald Trump gave his "blessing" to talks aimed at formally ending the war on the Korean peninsula today, setting the stage for a major diplomatic breakthrough at a series of upcoming summits.

11 Nov 2017


Japan targets suicide websites following gruesome "house of horror" murders

The Japanese government said it wants to crack down on websites used by vulnerable people to share their suicidal thoughts.