Evan Williams: News

10 Mar 2020


Jack Dorsey to stay as Twitter's CEO, for now

Jack Dorsey will stay as the CEO of Twitter, at least for the near future.

06 Jun 2017


Facebook has been vanishing your friends for some time now

Have you ever wondered what happened to all your friends on Facebook, why do they not post anymore or even if they do, why don't you get to see them anymore in your newsfeed?

21 May 2017


Twitter boss apologizes for Trump's win

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams apologized for the role his company reportedly played during the US presidential elections, which ended with Donald Trump's victory.

07 Apr 2017


Twitter India launches Lite for weak connectivity

Twitter on April 6 launched Twitter Lite in India in collaboration with Vodafone, a platform specially designed for regions where connectivity is poor.

01 Apr 2017


Twitter relaxes 140-character limit for replies

Twitter has found a way to ease the 140 character limit for replying to tweets. Twitter has now excluded usernames from the character count for replies.

24 Mar 2017


Twitter considers paid membership option for select users

Certain users might soon be able to access enhanced services on Twitter through a paid membership option it is considering.

10 Feb 2017


Twitter ad revenue falls even after restructuring job cuts

Twitter reported the slowest quarterly revenue growth since its IPO in 2013.

03 Jan 2017


Twitter's Chinese head resigns

After seven months of being in charge, Kathy Chen, head of Twitter's China operations has left the firm.

01 Nov 2016


Twitter's India head quits

Spelling more trouble for Twitter, the company's India head, Rishi Jaitly resigned.

28 Oct 2016


Twitter to cut 9% workforce, to deliver profits

In a bid to deliver profits and move away from driving growth, Twitter has decided to cut-back on 9% of its staff in sales, marketing and partnerships.

15 Oct 2016


Salesforce walks out of Twitter merger talks

The final contender in the race for Twitter's merger, Salesforce.com also announced that it was pulling out.

24 Sep 2016


4 biggies in the run to buy Twitter

A report recently revealed that big players Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Salesforce were interested in buying Twitter.

20 Sep 2016


Now, Twitter's 140-character tweet limit will exclude add-ons

On 19th September, 2016, Twitter declared that its 140-character tweet limit would no longer include add-ons like photos, videos and gifs.

10 Sep 2016


Twitter considering its buyout under pressure?

Adding to the recent speculation that Twitter would be taken over, the company's Board of Directors are reportedly discussing strategic options including a potential buyout option.