Blue Whale Challenge: News

04 Apr 2019


Madras HC asks Centre to ban TikTok over pornographic content

The Madras High Court yesterday asked the Centre to put a ban on the famous app, TikTok, saying that it encourages pornographic content.

15 Feb 2019

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu might ban TikTok as it 'degrades' Tamil culture

The world may be perfectly lip-syncing to tunes on TikTok, but the Tamil Nadu government isn't impressed.

30 Aug 2018

West Bengal

#MomoChallenge: ICSE asks parents to keep vigil on children

With reports of WhatsApp messages inviting youngsters to play an online suicide game "Momo Challenge", the Association of Heads of ICSE Schools, West Bengal, called upon all member schools to urge parents to keep a watch on their children.

08 Aug 2018


Is 'Momo Challenge' killing teenagers like 'Blue Whale'?

Months after the Blue Whale Challenge took the internet by storm, a new 'game' is doing the rounds, according to reports.

01 Jan 2018


BITS Pilani student chokes self to death, Blue Whale suspected

A 19-year-old student of BITS Pilani-Hyderabad reportedly choked himself to death. Police are investigating if it has any connection to the Blue Whale 'challenge'.

27 Dec 2017

Greater Noida

When 'Blue Whale' triggered a bomb threat and mass panic

An incident in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, has proven how the Blue Whale 'challenge' can harm not just its 'players', but also other unrelated innocents.

09 Dec 2017


Greater Noida teen, influenced by mobile game, kills mother, sister

After the Blue Whale Challenge, a mobile game that killed several teenagers across the country, motivating them to commit suicide, another smartphone gaming app is now claiming lives.

20 Nov 2017


SC dismisses petition seeking a ban on 'Blue Whale challenge'

The SC has dismissed a petition seeking a ban on the Blue Whale challenge after the Centre submitted it is impossible to block such online games.

27 Oct 2017


Make 10-min awareness video on Blue Whale: SC to govt

While hearing a petition to ban the Blue Whale challenge, the SC observed such games are a "national problem".

20 Sep 2017


What're you doing to restrict Blue Whale?: HC asks Centre

Amid an increase in cases of Blue Whale deaths being reported, the Delhi HC has asked the Centre what it is doing to restrict access to the "game".

16 Sep 2017


The Blue Whale challenge: Fact or fiction?

Since months, it has been alleged that the 'Blue Whale Challenge' has been preying on youths. Many suicides in India have been attributed to this game.

06 Sep 2017

Delhi Police

Blue Whale Challenge being played in Delhi; police issue advisory

After a few instances indicated Delhiites are also playing the Blue Whale "suicide" game, Delhi Police issued an advisory to schools, colleges, parents, and also the public.

01 Sep 2017


Blue Whale Challenge: Delhi-NCR schools ask parents to be careful

The fatal 50-day Blue Whale Challenge has left many Delhi-NCR schools worried.

01 Sep 2017


Delhi commuters can travel on Magenta Line's driverless metros soon!

After missing a series of deadlines, the Delhi Metro is finally going to open a section of Magenta Line driverless trains in October.

30 Aug 2017


Blue Whale Challenge: Bengaluru sixth-most curious about the deadly game

India is so curious about the "Blue Whale Challenge" that seven of its cities featured on the list of top 10 global cities searching for the deadly game.

30 Aug 2017

West Bengal

Kolkata tops world cities' list for Blue Whale search

In what could be astounding revelations, studies have revealed that among 30 cities of the world, Kolkata tops the list when it comes to online searches for the fatal 'Blue Whale' challenge.

15 Aug 2017


Government asks Facebook, Google, others to remove Blue Whale links

After the second alleged Blue Whale death in India, the government has asked internet giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, WhatsApp, Yahoo and Instagram, to remove all links to the dangerous online 'challenge'.

03 Aug 2017


Mumbai: Dahi handi injuries drop by 78% after imposing restrictions

Following restrictions on height of human pyramids and barring minors to participate in Dahi Handi festivals, petitioner Swati Patil told SC that human injuries during festival have significantly reduced since 2014.

31 Jul 2017


Gas leak reported from CNG pump in Mumbai's Chembur area

A gas leak from a CNG pump in Chembur led to immediate shutdown of power supply in the area. Adjoining roads were also blocked in order to prevent any more crisis that might occur due to leak.