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Families of Italian COVID-19 victims seek $122 million from government

The families of people who died of COVID-19 in Italy have sued the government, seeking €100 million ($122 million) in damages.

21 Mar 2020


Coronavirus: Italy records highest single-day death toll, again; Army called

In what shows that things aren't getting any better in Italy, the number of people dying due to novel coronavirus climbed to 627 on a single day on Friday, the Italian Civil Protection Agency announced.

19 Mar 2020


In coronavirus-battered Italy, victims face death alone, burials postponed

A generation has been wiped out and it just makes you cry, an official of CFB, the largest funeral director in Italy's Bergamo, said, painting a picture of what exactly is happening in the European nation, that coronavirus has ripped apart.

19 Mar 2020


Italy sees worst-ever day, 475 die of coronavirus in 24-hours

Italy witnessed the biggest rise in death toll due to coronavirus on Wednesday, as 475 people died of the deadly COVID-19 disease. The total number of fatalities stands at 2,978, and 35,713 have been infected.

15 Mar 2020


Coronavirus: Italian nurse's viral photo highlights healthcare workers' plight

Over the past month, the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has surged rapidly in Italy.

23 Oct 2017


Italian regions Lombardy and Veneto seek autonomy in referendum

Over 90% of voters in Italy's rich northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto have voted yes in a non-binding referendum for more autonomy from Rome.