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26 Jun 2020


#GamingBytes: Consoles or gaming laptops, which one should you buy?

Value for money or portability? Better frame rates or accessories? Discounts or exclusive titles?

07 Jun 2020


#AnimeBytes: Series that will make you laugh like never before

Going from situational to slapstick and then downright bizarre, anime series have their own distinct ways of exploring comedy.

06 Jun 2020


Trying to get into anime? These titles are worth considering

There is a whole another universe out there, which has thousands of stories, nothing like anything we usually see.

04 Jun 2020


Five legendary anime series with great music

Music transcends boundaries.

25 May 2020


#AnimeBytes: Cult anime films that are nothing short of perfection

Do you know that some of the best films have been inspired by anime?

15 May 2020


Anime special: Best characters from Dragonball series (except Goku, Vegeta)

The poster child of anime all over the world, Dragonball series has been a part of many-a-childhood.

04 May 2020


Battle of Battle Royales: PUBG vs Fortnite vs Apex Legends

Gaming space, in recent years, has been dominated by Battle Royale titles.

29 Apr 2020

Walt Disney

The original ethnic prince: Aladdin facts that fans should know

We have seen him in the original film and its sequels. We enjoyed his antics in his animated series and his 'video game' has been a large part of our early years.

28 Apr 2020


#GamingBytes: Five tips to conquer every Apex Legends game

An Apex Legends game can often be a tough nut to crack, owing to the skill level of other players.

27 Apr 2020

Battle Royale

#GamingBytes: Tips to help you snipe better in Apex Legends

Playing a Battle Royale game on PC can be overwhelming for beginners.

26 Apr 2020

Battle Royale

#GamingBytes: Top five best machine guns in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game from Respawn Entertainment and EA.

25 Apr 2020

Battle Royale

#GamingBytes: Know Wraith, the Apex Legends ideal character for evasion

Each character in Apex Legends comes with distinct abilities, powers, and playing style.

24 Apr 2020

Battle Royale

#GamingBytes: Best free games you can play on Steam

Steam is a blessing for PC Gamers. It has a fantastic collection of games and provides some equally fantastic discounts and deals from time to time.

15 Apr 2020


#ComicBytes: These characters can easily crush Superman

Superman is one of the strongest characters ever created, but he has a well-known weakness, Kryptonite. The green rock has been the reason behind his defeat on multiple occasions.

11 Apr 2020


#GamingBytes: Five video games featuring popular DC Comics' characters, ranked

While Marvel has been more successful than DC on the big screen, the latter races way ahead when it comes to video games.

26 Mar 2020


#GamingBytes: Comparing PUBG and CS:GO. Which one should you play?

PUBG has undoubtedly captured the attention of gamers all over the world, as it is a great game.

08 Mar 2020


#ComicBytes: Five X-Men comics that everyone should definitely read once

Many X-Men storylines were adapted for the big screen but only a few were received well by the audience.

06 Feb 2020

Gaming Bytes

#GamingBytes: PUBG Mobile's weapon grips explained in detail

To be able to win that ever-elusive Chicken Dinner, you need to have a solid strategy in place.

05 Feb 2020


#ComicBytes: Facts about Batman which movies haven't covered yet

Amid overpowered aliens, literal Gods, and meta-humans, one man stands out.

31 Jan 2020


Even fans might not know these facts about The Flash

Often dubbed as the "fastest man alive", Flash is a founding (also the funniest) member of The Justice League.

24 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Green Lantern facts which were not shown in films

In brightest day, in blackest night, the Green Lantern Corps have protected the universe since ages.

23 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Know about Nagraj, first-ever superhero of Raj Comics

Nagraj is arguably India's very first superhero to appear in Raj Comics.

21 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Super BFFs; know the best friendships in DC Comics

What's better than one superhero? Two superheroes who are great friends and can kick some serious butt together!

20 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Five Raj Comics superheroes and their western counterparts

A lot of India's middle-class kids in the 90s grew up with superheroes.

19 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Five most popular Indian comic characters, ranked

While there are a lot of superheroes in the stable of Raj Comics, only a few stand out as fan-favorites.

18 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Marvel superheroes with lame superpowers

Marvel has an extensive collection of characters who inspire and motivate readers to do the right things and never give up.