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25 Jul 2020


Garmin suffers massive outage, leaving fitness devices disconnected

GPS tech provider Garmin has been hit by a massive outage.

16 Jul 2020


This malware can steal passwords, card data from 300+ apps

After Joker, a new strain of malware called 'BlackRock' has surfaced on the internet.

19 Apr 2020


20 million Aptoide app store users compromised in data leak

In a shocking development, personal data of more than 20 million users of Aptoide, a third-party store for Android applications, has been leaked online.

10 Apr 2020


Microsoft Surface Neo and Windows 10X launch postponed beyond 2020

If you were planning to buy a dual-screen Windows 10X-powered device, you might have to wait until next year.

25 Feb 2020


Hackers are mysteriously stealing from PayPal accounts for online shopping

PayPal, one of the biggest payment platforms in the world, has been marred by a major, albeit unknown, security flaw.

19 Feb 2020


Hackers can wipe your WordPress site with this plugin flaw

If you use WordPress as a tool to manage the content of your website, we recommend updating a particular plugin on the platform (if in use) right away.

25 Jan 2020


Nearly 200 malicious add-ons detected in Firefox, now removed

Mozilla has been trying to make privacy its calling card to get people to ditch Google for Firefox.

21 Jan 2020


A hacker leaked passwords of over 5 lakh IoT devices

With the rise of internet-connected devices, from phones and televisions to 'smart' lights, hackers now have new targets to breach into people's homes, harass them in horrifying ways.

26 Sep 2019


Several high-profile YouTubers hacked in massive attack: Details here

If you are a YouTuber with a subscriber count large enough to make significant money, better secure your channel!

17 Sep 2019


Data of most Ecuadorean citizens leaked, including 6.7 million children

In a shocking development, a major security breach has been reported which has leaked personal data of almost the entire population of Ecuador online.

27 Jun 2019


14-year-old creates dangerous malware, starts bricking thousands of IoT devices

In a strange case, a 14-year-old kid has created a dangerous strain of malware, a program that is spreading in the wild and bricking devices worldwide.

30 Apr 2019

Stephen Hawking

GoDaddy shutters over 15,000 subdomains linked to online scams

In a major crackdown, popular web hosting service GoDaddy has taken down more than 15,000 sub-domains connected to online scams.

07 Apr 2019


Hackers sold personal, financial data on Facebook groups: Here's how

Facebook has been promising enhanced security, but its privacy-related debacles are not coming to an end.

25 Mar 2018

Aadhaar Card

UIDAI denies claims of Aadhaar data breach on Indane's systems

The UIDAI has denied the claims of an Aadhaar data breach on the systems run by state-owned utility company Indane.

31 Aug 2017


711 million email accounts susceptible to malignant spambot

One of the biggest spamming operations of its kind, involving 711.5 million email addresses, has been discovered by a malware researcher.