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This 'air filter' can kill novel coronavirus: Here's how

As the COVID-19 situation continues to deteriorate in countries like India and US, scientists, healthcare workers and engineers are doing everything possible to fight the pandemic, save as many lives as possible.

12 Oct 2018


University of Houston building to be renamed after Indian-American couple

A building at the University of Houston will be renamed after an Indian-American couple in recognition of a gift that'll provide ongoing support for faculty, students, and research.

08 Sep 2018

Washington DC

IIT Kharagpur delegation visiting US to hire researchers

As part of the international outreach program, an IIT Kharagpur delegation is visiting the US to meet researchers looking for a career in the best higher education and R&D institution in India.

04 Aug 2018


Indian-origin prof gets $2mn-grant for research on lupus in women

Indian-origin professor Chandra Mohan and his two colleagues at the US's University of Houston's biomedical engineering department received a $2mn grant from the National Institutes of Health to find out why lupus is more common in women than men.

These 6 TED talks might change the way you think

Former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt had once said, "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

02 Mar 2018


Indian-American scientist Navin Vardarajan awarded $1.1mn grant for groundbreaking cancer-research

An Indian-American scientist has been awarded a grant of over $1.1 million for his groundbreaking research on cancer.

Hurricane Harvey: 200 Indian students marooned in Houston

As Hurricane Harvey continues to batter Texas, it has come to be known that 200 Indian students from the University of Houston have been marooned in the floods.

29 Jun 2017


Trump Effect? Wipro says 50% workforce in US are locals

Software giant Wipro announced that over 50% of the company's employees in the United States are locals.