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26 Jun 2020

Delhi High Court

Delhi is now India's coronavirus capital: What all went wrong

In numerous media interactions and interviews, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated Delhi won't become New York, the global epicenter of coronavirus, or Mumbai for that matter, where the largest number of cases of COVID-19 were concentrated in India.

Report: Alarming increase in cancer, heart disease-related deaths among Indians

According to the Global Burden of Disease Study 1990-2016 published in The Lancet, there has been an alarming increase in the occurrence of heart diseases, strokes, diabetes and cancers in the last 25 years in India.

25 Jul 2018


IIPH-H working on a drone system for delivering medical products

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad (IIPH-H) are working on a drone delivery system for medical products, which is expected to be time and cost effective.

10 May 2018


1 out of every 8 Indian has high blood pressure

Roughly one of every eight Indians suffer from high blood pressure (BP), a 2017 health ministry screening has revealed, an alarming rise from the one in 11 that was found in the 2015-16 National Family Health Survey.

28 Jun 2017


Reckless antibiotic usage can turn fatal

Antibiotic resistance is the new plague in India. Reckless use of antibiotics has made seemingly common diseases including urinary tract infections (UTI) fatal.

11 Jun 2017


Antibiotic resistance increasing alarmingly in Indian children

Antibiotic resistance among Indian children has reached alarming levels. According to a recent study by the Apollo Hospital in Navi Mumbai, ampicillin, a common antibiotic to fight infections, won't work on 95% pediatric patients.