Chrome Web Store: News

01 Aug 2020


This AI-powered Chrome extension can turn any news into podcast

With so much information on the internet coupled with our fairly busy lives, it can often get overwhelming to keep a tab on everything that is happening in the world.

18 Jun 2020


Spyware found in Chrome extensions used by millions: Details here

Dozens of extensions, operating through Google Chrome, have been found to be carrying spyware.

16 Jan 2020


Now, Google is killing Chrome Web Store apps

A few weeks after killing digital magazines in News, Google is working to pull the plug on Chrome apps.

16 Feb 2019


Now, upgrade your Netflix experience with these amazing plugins

'Netflix and chill' is the description of a perfect weekend, but did you ever think of making the service even more enjoyable?

27 Jul 2018


Following Apple, Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps on PlayStore

Following in the footsteps of Apple, Google has now banned all cryptocurrency mining apps on PlayStore.

16 Jul 2018


#TechBytes: A guide to using Google Chrome extensions safely

With nearly 60% of market share across all platforms as of June 2018, Google Chrome sits on the throne of internet browsers.