Information Security: News

Contrary to popular belief, information security isn’t just limited to securing information from unauthorized and unwanted access. It also entails preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording, and destruction of any kind of information. Interestingly, although we’ve begun laying emphasis on information security in the digital age, the concept can be extended to information in physical form as well. A good information security system is built around three pillars—confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality means that the protected information isn’t disclosed to foreign entities and processes. Integrity refers to maintaining the completeness of the secured information. This means that all the secure data should be concurrently updated as required in case of a change in any secured element. Last;y, availability refers to the fact that the secured information should be accessible to those that have protected it and not others. These three principles are collectively known as the CIA of information security. It should be noted that there is no concrete definition of information security but most interpretations collectively agree upon the same fundamental concept.

23 Nov 2021


DuckDuckGo's latest feature prevents apps from tracking Android users

Privacy-centric browser DuckDuckGo has introduced a new feature called App Tracking Protection integrated into its browser app for Android.

27 Apr 2021


Once again, WhatsApp is reminding users about privacy policy deadline

Despite facing severe global backlash for its unilateral privacy policy change, Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp decided it's a good idea to remind users of the policy change and the fast-approaching implementation deadline.

13 Apr 2021


#BugAlert: Here's how anyone can suspend your WhatsApp account

If you have been receiving multiple two-factor authentication (2FA) requests for your WhatsApp account, it is likely that someone is attempting to shut your account down.

12 Apr 2021


Another database of leaked Facebook users' phone numbers found online

Barely a week has passed since Mark Zuckerberg-led Facebook sprang a data leak that put the personal data of around 533 million users out in the open.

12 Apr 2021

Data Leak

Was data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users actually leaked?

Over the weekend, it was reported that invite-only audio-based social network Clubhouse suffered a data breach that affected around 1.3 million users.

10 Mar 2021


Infosys: Top brands could lose $223 billion to data breaches

In a report that studies the link between Cybersecurity and its impact on brand value, Infosys and Interbrand said that the world's top 100 brands stand to lose $223 billion in the event of a data breach.

24 Jun 2018

Tamil Nadu

#CareerBytes: 8 popular engineering colleges in South India

South India is home to some of the best engineering institutes in the country, making it one of the most preferred destinations for engineering aspirants.

10 Nov 2017


Home Ministry gets new divisions to fight cyber crime, radicalization

The Union Home Ministry has created two new divisions to monitor radicalization activities and cyber fraud, apart from merging others.