Jane Manchun Wong: News

05 Oct 2021


Here's what caused the longest Facebook outage last night

Late last night, popular social media platform Facebook and all its subsidiaries, including WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, suffered a global outage that lasted nearly six hours.

18 May 2021


New Twitter Blue subscription could cost $2.99 per month

In March, we reported that microblogging giant Twitter could give users an undo tweet feature to reconsider tweets before posting. The platform was also mulling ways to monetize the service with premium features.

22 Jun 2020


Soon, Spotify could start offering music videos

From offers on yearly subscriptions to the ability to host group sessions, Spotify has been trying a number of features to boost its user base lately.

20 Mar 2020


Now, Instagram is testing Snapchat-like 'self-disappearing' messages

After Stories, Instagram is copying another highly-celebrated feature from Snapchat- ephemeral or self-disappearing text messages.

22 Feb 2020


Private WhatsApp numbers, groups are being exposed on Google

WhatsApp and Google take a lot of pride in their security standards.

08 Feb 2020


#WeirdNews: Someone just hacked Facebook's official Instagram and Twitter accounts

In what would certainly qualify as a weird news, hackers broke into the official accounts operated by Facebook on Twitter and Instagram.

25 Nov 2019


Facebook developing Instagram-like 'close friends' feature for Messenger

Last year, Instagram debuted a feature to let users share their stories with a select group of followers or their 'close friends'.

13 Nov 2019

Instagram Stories

Soon, you'll get a TikTok like tool for Instagram Stories

The virality of TikTok - and its recent expansion into education - has shaken the entire video-sharing space.

07 Oct 2019


Soon, you'll be able to share group stories on Instagram

After debuting Threads messaging app and AR-powered shopping features, Instagram is testing group stories.

14 Aug 2019


Finally, Facebook is getting its own dark mode: Details here

Following the footsteps of leading technology giants and social networks, Facebook has started working on a dedicated dark mode for its main app.

08 Aug 2019


Soon, Twitter will let you snooze push notifications, stay focused

After releasing a revamped desktop site, Twitter is working on a handy new feature for its mobile app - the ability to snooze notifications.

03 Aug 2019


Facebook renaming Instagram and WhatsApp; adding its own name

Despite being marred by plenty of privacy-related debacles, Facebook is making some decisions that are difficult to explain.

12 May 2019


You'll be able to share song lyrics as Instagram stickers

Instagram appears to be working on a new kind of Story sticker, one that would show lyrics of a song on something you post.

12 Apr 2019


Soon, Facebook might allow sending messages without installing Messenger

More than five years ago, Mark Zuckerberg took the major step of separating messaging from the main Facebook app. He launched 'Messenger', a separate app that had to be installed to keep in touch with friends.

31 Mar 2019


Why Facebook is tying its own name with Instagram

Instagram could soon get a small, albeit very impactful, branding change.

20 Mar 2019


Instagram turns into mall, lets users shop directly: Here's how

In another e-commerce focused move, Instagram has added the ability to shop directly from its Android and iOS app.

18 Mar 2019


Soon, Twitter will get a handy new feature: Details here

Twitter is on track to receive a handy new capability, a feature that would let you keep tabs on conversations you're interested in.

09 Mar 2019


Soon, you and your friends could watch Instagram videos together

Facebook is doubling down on Instagram's content-first strategy with a handy new feature.

01 Mar 2019


Soon, Twitter users will be able hide replies: Here's how

In a bid to enhance user control, Twitter is building a new moderation feature into its mobile app.

16 Feb 2019


Soon, Twitter may get Snapchat-like 'News Camera' feature

In a bid to compete with Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter is working on a new media-sharing feature.

13 Oct 2018


Soon, you might be able to 'unsend' messages on Messenger

Facebook users might soon get the ability to retract messages sent on the company's Messenger platform.

05 Oct 2018


Instagram testing ways to share your location with Facebook

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram appears to be testing a new setting to allow Facebook, its parent company, to collate the places you've been to, and use that data for targeted advertising.