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06 Sep 2019

Nelson Mandela

Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe dies at 95

The former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe died at the age of 95 in Singapore, the country's current chief Emmerson Mnangagwa announced on Friday.

Here are instances of teams boycotting Cricket World Cup ties

The ICC World Cup is the most awaited and loved cricket tournament.

27 Jan 2019


Zimbabwe's ex-President Robert Mugabe looted of Rs. 7cr in cash

Ousted Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, 94, lost nearly $1 million (Rs. 7 crore) in cash after it was stolen from his briefcase earlier this month.

03 Aug 2018


Zimbabwe: Emmerson Mnangagwa wins presidential election

Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is now the Zimbabwe President , the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) said today, in an election marred by deadly violence and opposition allegations of vote rigging.

26 Nov 2017


'Golden goodbye' payoff: Ousted Zimbabwean president, Mugabe to receive $10m

Former-Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe was recently forced to give up his throne for former-ally Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa becomes Zimbabwe President, promises jobs and peace

Zimbabwe's new President Emmerson Mnangagwa has entered office after former president Robert Mugabe's formally resigned.

President Mugabe finally resigns, Zimbabwe erupts in celebration

A series of dramatic events over the past few days in Zimbabwe has finally resulted in ending President Robert Mugabe's 37 -year-long controversial rule.

21 Nov 2017

South Africa

Zimbabwe crisis: Impeachment proceedings against Mugabe to commence

Former Zimbabwean Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose sacking led to last week's army takeover, has urged President Robert Mugabe to resign immediately.

20 Nov 2017


Zimbabwe crisis: Defiant President Mugabe vows to stay in power

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, 93, has vowed to remain in power for the coming weeks, despite growing calls for his resignation following a military takeover.

19 Nov 2017


Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe sacked from ruling party

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been fired as the leader of ruling party ZANU-PF, said sources who attended a special ZANU-PF meeting to decide Mugabe's fate.

18 Nov 2017


Thousands rally in Zimbabwe to celebrate end of Mugabe era

Thousands have taken to the streets in Zimbabwe's capital Harare demanding the resignation of the country's longtime ruler President Robert Mugabe.

17 Nov 2017


Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe refuses to step down following military takeover

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, 93, has reportedly refused to step down immediately and is resisting growing calls for resignation.

16 Nov 2017


Zimbabwe: Why has the military placed President Mugabe under house-arrest?

Zimbabwe has been witnessing some high-octane political drama in recent days.

15 Nov 2017


Zimbabwe: Reports suggest President Mugabe has been detained

The Zimbabwe military has reportedly seized control of the country.

24 Oct 2017


Why does Zimbabwe have a 'Ministry of WhatsApp?'

Zimbabwe has become the first country to set up a ministry exclusively dedicated to cybersecurity and online monitoring.

WHO revokes Robert Mugabe's role as goodwill ambassador

The World Health Organization (WHO) has canceled Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's appointment as a goodwill ambassador.

05 Oct 2017

South Africa

Zimbabwean journalist arrested over first lady's used underwear story

A Zimbabwean journalist was recently jailed for reporting how the country's first lady Grace Mugabe donated her used clothes including her underwear to her party supporters.

01 Aug 2017

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Two key Venezuelan opposition leaders arrested after constituent assembly election

Venezuelan opposition leaders Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma have been rearrested on accusations of inciting violence in 2014 during anti-government demonstrations.

01 Aug 2017

Donald Trump

Maduro claims victory in controversial constituent assembly vote

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has claimed victory in the controversial election for a constituent assembly.