Movies/shows on Netflix this April

Netflix has a new menu for you to explore this April. From interesting docu-series to highly anticipated films and shows, Netflix has it all for its viewers.

So, if you are someone who loves binge-watching, we are here to help you with the list of movies/shows releasing this April so you know what to add to your queue.

OTT shows

Prank Encounters, Season 2 (April 1)

Season 2 of this horror-themed joke reality web series is all set to come back on April 1, 2021. This eight-episode series has Gaten Matarazzo as the host who plays pranks on workers while they are busy with their work.

Worn Stories (April 1)

Based on the best-selling novel by Emily Spivack, this new docu-series will focus on certain emotional and personal stories of people who have sentiments attached to some particular clothing. This one definitely sounds like a tear-jerker.

Snabba Cash (April 7)

Based on the Swedish crime franchise by the same name, this Netflix original thriller series is set in Stockholm and is based on a best-selling novel by Jens Lapidus. The series is set 10 years after the film events where a single mother gets involved in crime.

Shadow and Bone (April 23)

Inspired by Leigh Bardugo's book, this fantasy series explores the journey of an orphan teen who discovers that she possesses some power that can help her to save the nation.

Yasuke (April 29)

This anime series will be based on the story of an African samurai who must protect and save a young girl from dark entities and warlords in Japan.

Family Reunion Season 3 (April 5)

The third season of the African-American comedy series will follow the adventures and happenings of the McKellan family as they shift from Seattle to Georgia to become closer to their extended family.

The Wedding Coach (April 7)

This romantic reality-based series centers around comedian and actress Jamie Lee who helps real-life couples plan their perfect wedding and save their day.

This is a Robbery (April 7)

This docu-series with four parts centers around the robbery that took place in Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in the 1990s where art was stolen which was worth more than half a billion dollars.

OTT movies

Madame Claude (April 2)

This French biographical drama film centers around a Parisian woman named Madame Claude who used to run a flourishing brothel business in Paris in the late 1960s.

Night in Paradise (April 9)

This South-Korean drama film talks about a young man, involved in an ex-crime where his sister and nephew got killed accidentally instead of him. Following this, he goes out to take revenge on some gangsters who were after him.

Thunder Force (April 9)

This American action comedy film talks about former best friends Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer who team up after a science experiment goes wrong giving them superpowers. Following this, they become the first superhero team who can save the city from supervillains.

Ride or Die (April 15)

This Japanese psychological thriller talks about a woman who kills her friend's abusive husband. The film explores their complicated relationship as they begin their journey by escaping together.

Things Heard and Seen (April 30)

Based on the novel named All Things Cease to Appear By Elizabeth Brundage, this American horror-thriller film talks about a young couple who starts experiencing mysterious things after they relocate to their new house that carries some dark past.

Just Say Yes (April 2)

This Dutch romantic wedding film talks about a young bride whose dreams of a perfect wedding get shattered after her groom decides to cancel it at the last minute.