Power Bank: News

A power bank is a device with a built-in battery that can be used to charge or provide constant power to any other electronic or electrical device. Most mainstream power banks consist of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries that are charged using a conventional wall outlet. The power bank can then be discharged using onboard USB ports or female outlets just like one would find on a wall. The device is reliant on control circuitry that determines appropriate charging voltages, output while discharging, and converts the battery voltage to the standard 5 V power delivered via USB. Some high-end power banks feature battery percentage indicators while most others use LEDs to indicate a reduction of charge in steps of 25 percent. Some power banks also have control circuitry that supports passthrough charging where the power bank can be charged from a wall outlet while it simultaneously charges a device connected to it. The capacity of the batteries in a power bank is measure in milliamp-hours denoted as “mAh”.

03 Dec 2019


Xiaomi launches a new 3-in-1 flashlight, power bank, and lamp

As the latest addition to its portfolio of smart home products, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has launched a new 3-in-1 device in its home country.

30 Nov 2019


This Xiaomi power bank can also keep your hands warm

Along with fancy phones, Xiaomi has a knack for making some incredibly cool-looking gadgets.

26 Sep 2019


Xiaomi launches Mi AirDots Pro 2, 50W Power Bank 3

Xiaomi has launched a couple of new smartphone accessories including a new Mi AirDots Pro 2, a 50W Power Bank 3, and a 30W Mi Charge Turbo wireless charging stand.

30 Aug 2019


Best USB Type-C power banks available in India

Manufacturers are continuously pushing the envelope to improve the battery life on our smartphones and other gadgets.

20 Mar 2019


Joining college? These are the 5 must-have gadgets for you

If you are getting into a college soon, you must be planning to buy stuff you will need throughout the course.

30 Jan 2019


#TechBytes: 6 useful gadgets that every student should own

There is no doubt that technology makes our lives easier in a lot of ways.

28 Sep 2018


#TechBytes: Top 5 Power Banks under Rs. 1,000

One may or may not accept the fact but making it through the day without our tech toys is quite a tough ask.

19 Jul 2018


Flipkart-sale ends today: Best gadgets to buy under Rs. 1,000

Flipkart's Big Shopping Days sale is coming to an end today. The e-commerce giant is offering mega-discounts and exclusive deals across several product categories including smartphones, gadgets, mobile accessories, appliances and fashion wear.

30 Mar 2018


Delhi-Airport chaos: Power-banks, snags misplace thousands of bags, delay flights

There was chaos at Delhi's IGI Airport yesterday evening: the check-in process was drastically slow, hundreds of passengers' bags were misplaced, and as a result, several flights were delayed.

22 Feb 2018


Flipkart Grand Gadget Days: Top 20 gadgets under Rs. 1,000

E-commerce giant Flipkart is back with yet another exciting sale. It is hosting the "Grand Gadget Days" sale until 22 February under which it is offering up to 70% discount on laptops, cameras, hard disks, headphones, pen drives, power banks, etc.