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19 Aug 2020

Donald Trump

Democrats name Joe Biden as official challenger to President Trump

On Tuesday, USA's Democratic Party named former Vice President Joe Biden as the official candidate for the 2020 Presidential Elections, to take on incumbent President Donald Trump this November.

10 Sep 2019


Has Sarah Palin's husband filed for divorce after 31-year-long marriage?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's husband, Todd Palin, has reportedly filed for divorce after 31 years of marriage.

31 Dec 2018


#ThatWas2018: Remembering some bright souls who left us this year

Some extraordinary people, who were known for their amazing stories (Stan Lee), their music (Avicii), their stupendous brains (Stephen Hawking), and their service to their nation (George HW Bush) died this year.

30 Aug 2018


Crowds brave Arizona heat to pay respects to John McCain

Hundreds of people paid their respects to US Senator John McCain yesterday, standing for hours in the broiling Arizona sun before filing past the flag-draped casket that his tearful wife, Cindy, lovingly pressed her face against after a ceremony for the former North Vietnam prisoner of war.

27 Aug 2018


Donald Trump draws US flag wrong, gets trolled on Twitter

It's been a stressful week for US President Donald Trump, as two of his ex-associates have been arrested on charges of finance violations.

26 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

US Senator and war-hero John McCain dies at 81

US Senator John McCain breathed his last on Saturday surrounded by his family, an announcement from his office revealed. He was 81.

20 Jul 2018

Russia News

Trump invites Putin to Washington. Next step of friendship?

US President Donald Trump has instructed his top national security aide to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington later this year and the "discussions are already underway", the White House has said.

17 Jul 2018

Russia News

Trump embarrassed US; acted like Putin's 'fanboy': Arnold Schwarzenegger

Veteran action star and former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has attacked President Donald Trump saying he acted like a "fanboy" of Russian President Vladimir Putin in their embarrassing press conference.

24 Mar 2018


Trump administration bans transgender people from serving in the military

On Friday, the White House announced a policy which bans transgender people from serving in the US military "except under certain limited circumstances".

04 Feb 2018

Russia News

Trump-Russia connection: Democrats claim firing special counsel will cause crisis

The crisis surrounding Russia's alleged involvement in US elections has worsened.

18 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

Trump's 'highly-anticipated' fake news 'awards' are out

President Donald Trump keeps his word. He promised a US-Mexico border wall, he's apparently building it. He promised "immigration reform", he's doing it.

28 Dec 2017

Donald Trump

Barack Obama defeats Donald Trump as America's most admired man

Donald Trump might have clinched victory in the US presidential elections, but his predecessor is still the most admired man in America.

25 Dec 2017


Bruce McCandless, first astronaut to fly untethered in space, dies

Bruce McCandless, the NASA astronaut who became the first person to float untethered in outer-space died at 80.

11 Oct 2017

North Korea

Eminem unleashes furious rap against 'kamikaze, racist, orange' Trump

Eminem unleashed a furious four-minute attack on President Donald Trump in a rap video broadcast during the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

23 Sep 2017

Donald Trump

McCain again torpedoes Republicans' plan to repeal Obamacare in Senate

Senator John McCain said he "cannot in good conscience" vote in favor of his fellow Republicans' latest efforts to repeal the Obamacare healthcare programme.

21 Aug 2017


US warship collides with oil tanker, 10 sailors missing

US Navy destroyer USS John McCain has collided with a Liberian-flagged oil tanker off the coast of Singapore, leaving 10 sailors missing and another five injured.

09 Aug 2017

North Korea

North Korea considering missile strikes on US territory of Guam

There appears to be no sign of de-escalation of tensions between the US and North Korea.

28 Jul 2017

Donald Trump

John McCain's revolt leads to Obamacare repeal bill failure

The latest attempt by the Republican-controlled US Senate to repeal the Obamacare healthcare program has failed.

20 Jul 2017

Donald Trump

Veteran US senator John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

80-year-old veteran Republican Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, his office has revealed.

11 Jul 2017

Russia News

Trump backtracks on joint US-Russia cyber unity proposal following criticism

President Donald Trump has backtracked on a proposal to set up a cyber security unit with Russia.

03 Jul 2017

Pakistan News

John McCain: 'No peace in Afghanistan without Pakistan's cooperation'

Senior US Senator John McCain said during a visit to Islamabad that there could be "no peace" in Afghanistan or the South Asian region without Pakistan's cooperation.

14 Jun 2017


US admits it isn't winning war in Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis admitted to Congress that the US is "not winning" the war against Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

11 May 2017

Russia News

Trump defends decision, says Comey wasn't "doing a good job"

President Donald Trump justified his decision to fire FBI director James Comey, saying "he was not doing a good job."

26 Mar 2017


India US relations: Doval in Washington to improve security ties

Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval visited Washington to meet his counterpart McMaster and US defence secretary James Mattis, in an attempt to strengthen bilateral security ties.

24 Mar 2017

Michael Flynn

Trump surveillance: Republican Nunes apologizes over handling of info

Republican head of the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes apologized after facing criticism for calling a news conference to discuss allegations about spy agency's surveillance of President Donald Trump and his team.

23 Mar 2017

Michael Flynn

Report suggests Trump's campaign manager has ties to Moscow

Reports have suggested that Donald trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort had extensive links to Moscow, and was involved with Russian individuals in an attempt to "greatly benefit the Putin Government."

21 Mar 2017

Donald Trump

No evidence of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower: FBI director

FBI Director James Comey informed the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee that there is no evidence supporting President Donald Trump's allegations of former president Barack Obama wiretapping Trump Tower in October 2016.

17 Mar 2017

Donald Trump

Senate intelligence panel rejects Trump's wiretap claims

The Senate Intelligence panel stated that there were "no indications" that the Trump Tower was under surveillance by the US government.

13 Mar 2017

Donald Trump

Trump asked to clarify allegations against Obama

US Senator John McCain has asked President Trump to either retract the allegations he made against former President Obama, or substantiate it with evidence.

07 Mar 2017

Donald Trump

White House says 'no question that something happened' with wiretapping

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, declined to provide specific information supporting President Donald Trump's earlier tweets accusing former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump during the election.

06 Mar 2017

Donald Trump

FBI Director rejects Trump's wiretapping allegation

Trump's allegations of his phone being tapped by Obama were denied by the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), James Comey.

05 Mar 2017

Donald Trump

Obama denies bugging Trump Tower

Former US President Barack Obama's spokesperson Kevin Lewis stated that "neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false."

28 Feb 2017

Donald Trump

Trump seeks to hike US defence spending by 10%

President Donald Trump is looking to increase American defence spending by 10% in his proposed budget plan for 2018.

10 Nov 2016

Donald Trump

Concession speech, delivered Hillary Clinton style

Hillary Clinton delivered her speech at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City, conceding the election to Donald Trump.

10 Oct 2016

Donald Trump

Donald Trump clashes with Hillary Clinton in presidential debate

In the second US Presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred over a melange of different topics