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26 May 2024


Micro-schooling: A trendy and new approach to education

Micro-schooling is revolutionizing education by offering highly personalized learning experiences that cater to individual student needs.

25 May 2024


How to turn dance from a hobby into a career

Transitioning dance from a hobby to a full-time profession requires constant dedication, a deep sense of authenticity, and rigorous training.

05 May 2024

Healthy Foods

Nuts and seeds that can help in combating hair fall 

If you're tired of battling relentless hair fall, we have a solution that might just be hiding in your pantry.

04 May 2024

Travel And Tourism

Explore India's breathtaking flower valleys for a blossoming retreat 

If your idea of bliss involves strolling through vibrant meadows surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors, then the flower valleys of India await your discovery.

01 May 2024

Summer season

These mocktails are perfect summer fixers

As the sun blazes and temperatures soar, there's nothing quite like a refreshing mocktail to cool you down.

27 Apr 2024


Easy neck stretches to soothe and relieve pain

Neck pain is a common discomfort caused by stress, poor posture, or prolonged sitting.

25 Apr 2024

Health & Wellness

World Malaria Day: Ensuring equity in access to prevention, treatment

As the world observes World Malaria Day on April 25, under the theme of Health Equity, Gender, and Human Rights, it becomes very important to know that access to malaria prevention and treatment is biased and the quest for fairness must go on.

21 Apr 2024


Simple exercises for upper back pain relief 

Are you tired of that persistent ache in your upper back? Modern lifestyles often lead to poor posture and sedentary habits, contributing to discomfort.

14 Apr 2024

Travel And Tourism

Architectural wonders of the world lost to the ages

Within the vast panorama of architectural wonders, some have slipped through the cracks of time, their stories waiting to be rediscovered.

07 Apr 2024

Healthy Foods

Fruits to include in your breakfast for healthy weight gain

The pursuit of weight gain need not involve unhealthy eating habits.

28 Mar 2024


Leading with grace: Social dance etiquette for leaders

Suzy-Q your way into the lively floor of social dancing! Here, being a great leader requires more of a fancy execution.

01 Apr 2024


Social dancing: Etiquette every dance follower should embrace 

A one two three and a five six seven!

31 Mar 2024


Nutrient-packed smoothies for the ultimate health boost

Are you on a quest to supercharge your health and wellness? Your search ends here!

30 Mar 2024


Enchanting gardens of the world that define nature's artistry

Talking about gardens, it becomes apparent that these cultivated spaces are far from uniform.

29 Mar 2024

Health & Wellness

Good Friday fasting: Physical and spiritual benefits 

Good Friday fasting, observed by Christians worldwide, isn't just a religious tradition but also holds physical and spiritual benefits.

29 Mar 2024


Good Friday activities: Meaningful ways to spend the day 

Good Friday, a pivotal day in the Christian calendar, marks the solemn remembrance of Jesus Christ's crucifixion.

29 Mar 2024


Rediscovering the hidden meaning of Good Friday 

Good Friday, a solemn day in Christianity, holds enduring significance in modern life.

27 Mar 2024


Craft delicious saffron mango cold brew to beat the heat

The summer season is here and there's no better way to welcome it than sipping on a delicious beverage!

26 Mar 2024


Scientists unravel the mystery of rare brown giant pandas

Scientists have uncovered the genetic reason behind the unique brown-and-white coat of the rare giant pandas found exclusively in China's Qinling Mountains.

24 Mar 2024


Seven simple habits for learning happiness

Ah, happiness, for which we often overlook the simple yet profound truth that it is not merely a destination but a journey, requiring consistent practice.

19 Mar 2024


DIY foot spa: Treat your feet to relaxation

After enduring a lengthy day at work, it is not uncommon for your feet to bear the brunt of the day's stress, leaving them tired and achy.

19 Mar 2024

Mental Health

Leadership mindset: Nurturing inner strength for success

When it comes to the landscape of leadership, a resilient mindset is the key to unlocking success.

18 Mar 2024


Sculpt your features: Face exercises for defined facial contours

In the quest for a chiseled facial appearance, there exists a natural alternative to surgery or makeup — face exercises.

18 Mar 2024


MP's Gwalior Fort and other sites join UNESCO's tentative list

Madhya Pradesh celebrates a remarkable milestone as six of its heritage sites find a place in the tentative UNESCO list.

17 Mar 2024

Health & Wellness

Stop peeling! These fruit and veggie skins are healthy goldmines

In the routine of peeling fruits and vegetables, we often overlook the nutritional goldmine found in their skins.

16 Mar 2024


Easy eye exercises for better vision

Vision therapy, administered by eye care professionals, has shown remarkable results in improving eye alignment and focus.

13 Mar 2024

Fashion Tips

Debunking common image consulting misconceptions 

In recent years, the field of image consulting has gained widespread popularity, yet numerous misconceptions still surround it.