IIT-Kharagpur: News

16 Mar 2019


IIT-KGP students to learn cloud computing via Amazon's program

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, will adopt Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate program to help students gain cloud computing skills including hands-on experience in artificial intelligence (AI), a top official of the institute has said.

24 Jan 2019


IIT Kharagpur, Japan's AOTS collaborate to set up research center

IIT Kharagpur and Japan's Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS) have signed a MoU on Monday to explore opportunities for a research center that will facilitate collaborative projects.

24 Dec 2018


IIT-Kharagpur scientists making detailed maps to cut earthquake damage

In a bid to try and reduce damage from earthquakes, scientists from IIT-Kharagpur are developing detailed city-level maps to identify areas that are the most vulnerable to damage from earthquakes.

03 Dec 2018


IISc-Bangalore, IIT-Bombay rank among world's top 200 engineering, tech universities

IISc-Bangalore has been ranked among the top 100 universities in the world in the subject category 'Engineering and Technology' in 2019 Times Higher Education rankings.

20 Nov 2018


IIT-KGP developing mechanism to extract info from social-media during disasters

A research team of IIT Kharagpur has been developing a mechanism to filter critical situational information from social media during disasters from tonnes of other data.

25 Oct 2018

Andhra Pradesh

IIT Kharagpur student found hanging in hostel room

A 24-year-old M.Tech student of IIT Kharagpur was found hanging from the ceiling fan of his hostel room, the police said.

24 Oct 2018


IIT-KGP students on mission to reduce single-use plastic within campus

A group of students at the IIT Kharagpur is on a mission mode to reduce usage of single-use plastic within the campus.

04 Oct 2018


IIT-Kharagpur to set up Academy of Leadership: Director

IIT-Kharagpur is all set to establish an "Academy of Leadership" which intends to develop innovative programs combining the core curricula in science and engineering disciplines with philosophy and liberal arts.

25 Sep 2018

West Bengal

IIT Kharagpur develops community-supported supply of purified drinking water project

IIT Kharagpur has developed a community supported supply of purified drinking water project at Porapara in West Midnapore district of West Bengal.

12 Sep 2018


IIT-KGP signs MoU with Carleton University to support research collaboration

The IIT Kharagpur has signed a MoU with the Carleton University of Canada to support research collaboration, capacity building, and other forms of academic partnerships.

08 Sep 2018

Washington DC

IIT Kharagpur delegation visiting US to hire researchers

As part of the international outreach program, an IIT Kharagpur delegation is visiting the US to meet researchers looking for a career in the best higher education and R&D institution in India.

26 Aug 2018


IIT Kharagpur Professors remember their 'shy, intelligent' student, Sundar Pichai

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai was shy, intelligent and had big handwriting, his Professors at IIT Kharagpur recalled.

09 Aug 2018


IIT KGP to become country's first smart college campus

IIT Kharagpur today claimed to have taken a step towards becoming the country's first smart college campus, in which students can operate equipment inside their hostel rooms remotely using a smartphone app.

24 Jul 2018

West Bengal

IIT-KGP offers new awards, scholarships for UG-students for academics, research

The IIT Kharagpur has instituted several new awards and scholarships for its undergraduate students for academics and research following donations by many alumni and corporates, an IIT KGP press statement said today.

23 Jun 2018

Prakash Javadekar

Women secure top 3 places in IIT-KGP Smart India Hackathon

Three all-women teams emerged as the winner and two runners-up at the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2018 Hardware Edition at the IIT Kharagpur.

04 Mar 2018


IIT Kharagpur to host youth conclave for budding engineers

IIT Kharagpur is set to host the two-day 'INAE Youth Conclave' from March 23, aiming to engage budding engineers from different disciplines.

26 Feb 2018


IIT Kharagpur student made a battery using sewage water

A research scholar of IIT-Kharagpur has developed a disposable and flexible battery powered by bacteria from sewage water, the institute said in a statement.

24 Jan 2018


Plan to add more seats, but IITs say no infrastructure

The Joint Admission Board (JAB) has proposed adding an additional 1,000 seats in IITs across the country, but several IITs doubt that existing campuses can accommodate more students.

21 Nov 2017


'Thought leader' Subir Chowdhury, IIT-KGP alumnus, among top 2017 thinkers

IIT-Kharagpur alumnus, bestselling author and CEO Subir Chowdury has been named among the world's top 50 thinkers for 2017 by the Thinkers50, a periodical international ranking of management thinkers.

19 Jul 2017


At least 9 percent IITians dropped out in 2016-17

According to latest data released by the HRD ministry, IITs have seen about 9% students (889) dropping out in the 2016-17 academic year.

09 Jul 2017


IIT Kharagpur gets four mega research projects from HRD ministry

IIT Kharagpur has now undertaken four mega research projects along with six integrated projects from Ministry of Human Resource Development.

15 Jun 2017


IIT-Kharagpur team develops wearable tech from silk

If someone plays word association with silk, often the next word will be sarees or kurta or rugs. It will take someone with a very vivid imagination to say silk is something that can be used to make a smart-wearable that's capable of data storage, communication and gauging its surroundings.

24 May 2017


MP signs MoU with IIT Kgp for measuring happiness index

Are you happy? Before you say that, happiness can't be measured in definite terms; let me break the bubble for you. It can be and it is called the "happiness index" and grumpy India stands at 122 in World Happiness Report.

22 Apr 2017


Student suicides: IIT-KGP boy found hanging in hostel room

Nidhin N, a fourth-year aerospace engineering student at IIT-Kharagpur, was found hanging from the ceiling in his hostel room in Nehru Hall B Block.

17 Apr 2017


IIT Kharagpur to introduce Vastu Shastra courses

Sources have stated that IIT Kharagpur will introduce rudimentary courses in Vastu Shastra for architecture students from Aug'17.