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05 Aug 2020


US: Top 8 cosmetic dentists, surgeons to achieve perfect smile

Finding the right dentist for cosmetic surgeries often ends up being a daunting and time-consuming task.

24 Sep 2019


'Perfectly real' Deepfakes are coming soon, says industry expert

From marring the reputation of celebrities, showing them in pornographic videos to making business leaders speak nonsense, Deepfake tech has been used to create the wildest stuff possible.

22 Jan 2019

Karan Johar

SRK's son Aryan's Facebook hacked; he confirms it on Instagram

Shah Rukh Khan's eldest son Aryan Khan has become the recent victim of social media hackers.

10 Aug 2018


Will Smith 'flew', Jolie 'seduced', courtesy this Oscar-winning Indian animator

When the Academy Awards' list of winners for technical achievement was announced last year, India had a big reason to raise a toast.

25 Feb 2018


Indian brothers look to harness Artificial Intelligence for greater good

As debate swirls on whether Artificial Intelligence will be a boon or a curse for humanity, two Indian-American entrepreneur brothers are out to ensure the emerging technologies don't just benefit the richest in society.

23 Feb 2018


Testing tears may help treat Parkinson's early: Study

Testing tears may be a reliable, inexpensive and non-invasive way to diagnose Parkinson's disease early, a study has found.

23 Oct 2017

North Korea

Shinzo Abe's journey to become Japan's longest-serving post-war leader

In 2006, at age 52, Shinzo Abe became Japan's youngest prime minister since World War-II.

10 Jul 2017


Dr Spencer Johnson of 'Who Moved My Cheese?' fame dead

Dr Spencer Johnson, author of the popular best-sellers 'Who Moved My Cheese?' and 'The One Minute Manager', died today of pancreatic cancer aged 78 in San Diego, US.