'Git Gud with Knighton': Guests talk while playing 'Dark Souls-3'

Last updated on May 09, 2021, 06:14 pm

What if a talk show gave us the chance to know our favorite social media influencers like never before as they get hilariously beat at a video game? Git Gud with Knighton is just that, yet so much more. With participants like RJ Manav from Radio ke Adi-Manav to "Mr. Beast of India" aka Aayush Sapra, the YouTube show is hosted by Sarthak Khurana.

Target audience

It's created by and for the millennials and Gen Z

Khurana, whose Xbox gamer tag is Knighton, is the founder of Trigger Two Entertainment, the company behind the innovative endeavor. A show created by and for the millennials and Gen Z, Git Gud is a play on the words "Get Good." Known faces from YouTube, radio, and magazines are featured up-close and candid as they face Iduex Gundyr, the first boss of Dark Souls 3.


The influencers will be interviewed while playing 'Dark Souls 3'

The influencers will be interviewed while playing 'Dark Souls 3'

For the unversed, Dark Souls 3 is an action role-playing video game, belonging to a franchise that has the reputation of being quite tough. So what is the goal behind the show? As per a company release, the "underlying message of the show is to promote a safe and healthy gaming environment, while discussing the success stories of our favorite influencers."


Influencers like AnnihilatorYT, HerHappyFace, Vatsala will make an appearance

We are guessing Khurana and Co. aim to draw out never heard before facts from the lives of their guests as they lose their minds trying to stay alive in the game. Currently, the first season of the show is getting premiered on YouTube, featuring Manav, Sapra, gaming journalist Manas Joy, streamer AnnihilatorYT, fashion influencer Harshit Arora, vlogger HerHappyFace, and mental health consultant Vatsala.


The first season is currently airing on YouTube

While Season 1 is still airing, the show is already touted to come back for a second edition. The trailer for the show gives us a glimpse into all the fun that's in store. There are the staple jokes on the outpouring number of YouTubers today and genuine curiosity regarding the term Gen Z. The firm is also organizing a Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse giveaway.

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