Burari Deaths: News

Under the cloak of superstition, 11 members of a family committed suicide in their house on July 1, 2018 in New Delhi. Seven women and four men hanged themselves in North Delhi's Burari area. Handwritten notes were found on the spot which pointed out that the family was involved in spiritual practices.

18 Sep 2021


5, including 9-month-old, found dead in Bengaluru house; suicide suspected

Five members of a family, including four adults and a nine-month-old baby, were found dead in their house in Bengaluru's Byadarahalli area on Friday night.

Burari deaths: It wasn't suicide, but accident, finds CBI report

The deaths of eleven members of a family in Delhi's Burari sent horror waves across the nation, and now an investigation by CBI has concluded they didn't commit suicide, but it was an accident.

31 Jul 2018


Another Burari? Seven family members found dead in Ranchi

A month after the shocking Burari case, a family of seven has been found dead in their Ranchi house.

23 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

Burari deaths: Tommy the dog, "only remaining family member," dies

Tommy, whom relatives of the Burari mass suicide family called "our only remaining family member," died yesterday after a heart attack.

13 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

Burari: Final autopsy rules out foul play,confirms death by hanging

More than 10 days after the Burari deaths, police confirmed yesterday that all 11 people died by hanging.

11 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

Burari deaths: Post-mortem confirms suicide by hanging, but questions remain

Post-mortem reports of 10 people who were found dead in Burari has confirmed they committed suicide by hanging, police said today.

10 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

Over 200 people questioned in connection with mysterious Burari deaths

Over 200 people have been questioned in connection with the mysterious deaths of 11 members of the Chundawat family in north Delhi's Burari, even as the police are certain that it was a case of "mass suicide", said a senior police officer.

09 Jul 2018


Burari deaths: One family member tried stopping "ritual" while hanging

A week after the mysterious Burari deaths, police have revealed that at least one of the 11 people tried saving himself and raising an alarm while he was hanging.

06 Jul 2018


Female 'tantrik' confesses to involvement in Burari family's death

In the latest development in the Burari mass-suicide/murder case in Delhi, a female occult practitioner by the name of Maa Geeta has been detained in connection to the deaths.

06 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

Burari deaths: Family wanted to meet 'god,' free 'trapped' spirits

The man who allegedly led 11 people to their deaths in Delhi's Burari was confident the "hanging" wouldn't kill them, and their souls will return after meeting 'god,' his diary entries have revealed.

05 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

Burari: Family rehearsed "ritual" for days, didn't expect to die

Police probing the mysterious Burari deaths have revealed that the apparent mass suicides were the culmination of a week-long "thanksgiving" ritual by the family, who were certain they would survive it.

04 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

Burari deaths: Superstition or science? Cops probe 'shared psychosis' angle

Police probing the Burari deaths case are leaving out no angle. From investigating possible links to occult practices, they're now looking at the other end: if the family suffered from 'shared psychosis.'

03 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

Burari deaths: Mysterious pipes, the '11' connection, notes on 'mass-salvation'

Diaries containing notes about rituals for "mass salvation," mysterious pipes jutting out of a wall, and a striking repetition of the number '11'- details about the Burari deaths only keep getting weirder.

02 Jul 2018

Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi: 11 of same family dead, they reportedly observed mystical-practices

In a major development in the deaths of 11 people in Burari, Delhi, the police on Sunday said the family may have been observing mystical practices.