Jeff Hardy: News

07 Nov 2019


WWE: Five finishing moves which are not brutal at all

The WWE superstars perform to the best of their abilities in their ring, courtesy their athletic skills.

13 Jul 2019


WWE: A look at the feuds between real-life brothers

Pro-wrestling is one of the best forms of sports entertainment.

12 Jul 2019


WWE: Ranking the most brutal matches of all time

WWE is known to entertain people through professional wrestling.

05 May 2019


WWE: Which SmackDown tag-teams could be crowned new champions?

The WWE Universe was in shock when they learned that one-half of the SmackDown tag-team champions, Jeff Hardy has got injured.

21 Jan 2019

Rey Mysterio

WWE Royal Rumble and its sinister connection with number 14

Iron Maiden told us 666 is the number of the devil, while Jason convinced us Friday the 13th was the day to fear.

03 Jan 2019


Five WWE superstars who have problems with John Cena

John Cena may be the biggest WWE superstar for many, but what fans don't know is that several WWE wrestlers have problems with the leader of Cenation.

05 Nov 2018


Five WWE wrestlers who hated working with each other

Not every WWE superstar loves all of his colleagues and performs seamlessly regardless of the opposition.

03 Nov 2018


WWE stars you didn't know were related

Matt and Jeff Hardy, Cody Rhodes and Goldust are among many such wrestlers who have come out as brothers in the WWE, while there are several other superstars who also have people from their family in the business.

16 Oct 2018


5 most controversial wrestling pay-per-view shows of all time

Professional wrestling storylines are built upon through episodes and finally culminate into a match at pay-per-views.

23 Sep 2018


5 most shocking tag team break-ups in WWE history

Tag team wrestling has created memorable moments that would be cherished in wrestling history forever.