Rey Mysterio: News

Óscar Gutiérrez, better known by Rey Mysterio, is an American Professional Wrestler

26 Jan 2020


WWE: Preview and last-minute predictions for Royal Rumble 2020

WWE is all set to kick-off the new year with one of its biggest pay-per-view events, Royal Rumble, this Sunday.

30 Nov 2019


WWE: Ranking the potential challengers for Brock Lesnar in TLC

Brock Lesnar has, so far, regularly defended his WWE Championship since winning it last month. He is likely to do so again in the year-ending pay-per-view, TLC.

24 Nov 2019

WWE SmackDown

WWE: Preview and last-minute predictions for Survivor Series 2019

WWE is all set to host its next pay-per-view of the year, Survivor Series.

11 Nov 2019


WWE: List of the shortest non-dwarf wrestlers

WWE is a great form of sports-entertainment, involving professional wrestlers.

01 Oct 2019


WWE: Here are the takeaways from Raw's season premiere

WWE ushered a new era as it kicked off the season premiere week on Monday.

20 Sep 2019


WWE: Remember these instances when superstars broke character on-air?

WWE represents the sport of pro-wrestling, which involves scripted fights and feuds between WWE superstars.

07 Sep 2019


WWE: Ranking the top feuds between partners of Tag-Team champions

When it comes to WWE, singles feuds are the most interesting category.

29 Aug 2019


WWE: Five superstars who held multiple championships at once

WWE superstars are trained athletes as they display high-octane in-ring moves.

31 Jul 2019


WWE: These five superstars might soon retire from in-ring action

WWE superstars put their bodies on the line every week to entertain their fans to the fullest.

24 May 2019


WWE: Here are some unique records held by Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is one of the most celebrated superstars in WWE.

19 May 2019


WWE: Preview and predictions for Money in the Bank 2019

WWE will be hosting its first pay-per-view post WrestleMania 35, Money in the Bank.

17 Mar 2019


WWE SmackDown: How Kofi Kingston could win the gauntlet match?

While fans have been backing Kofi Kingston to main event WrestleMania 35 against Daniel Bryan for the Championship, chairman Vince McMahon doesn't seem to be convinced.

10 Mar 2019


Preview and final predictions for WWE Fastlane 2019

As the WrestleMania season kicks in, WWE prepare for the final stop before the Showcase of Immortals.

02 Mar 2019


Check out the greatest rivals Batista ever feud with

The pro-wrestling world was abuzz when former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista returned to Monday Night Raw on February 25.

16 Feb 2019


WWE Elimination Chamber: The five greatest matches of all time

The Elimination Chamber is one of the most exciting match formats WWE has ever conjured up.

02 Feb 2019


Five things WCW always managed to do better than WWE

Now that WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion, it doesn't have to face competition at the same level as it did in the 90s.

28 Jan 2019


WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Results and analysis

The WWE Royal Rumble 2019 has just concluded, and there are numerous things pro-wrestling fans want to talk about.

23 Jan 2019


WWE Royal Rumble: All important records you need to know

Royal Rumble is the event which sets the mood for WrestleMania. It is one of the most important pay-per-view events on WWE's annual calendar.

21 Jan 2019


WWE Royal Rumble and its sinister connection with number 14

Iron Maiden told us 666 is the number of the devil, while Jason convinced us Friday the 13th was the day to fear.

15 Jan 2019


Five WWE title changes that should not have been allowed

The WWE Championship is the most prestigious title a wrestler in the company can win.

12 Jan 2019


Five instances of WWE exploiting real-life tragedies for its benefit

On Monday Night Raw, Hulk Hogan paid a tribute to WWE's legendary announcer Gene Okerlund, who passed away last week.

06 Nov 2018


5 superstars whose WWE comeback fans would love to see

Not all talented wrestlers see their values asserted by WWE, as some shine while others are made to work the lower cards or their contracts are just terminated.

09 Oct 2018


5 stars who switched over to WWE following the Invasion

Being the clever businessman that he is, Vince McMahon did not only buy out World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling but even made the selling process marketable by introducing a storyline around it.

24 Sep 2018


Five best masked wrestlers of all time

Masked wrestlers have always attracted attention from the fans, mainly because there is an air of mystery surrounding their real identities.

23 Sep 2018


5 most shocking tag team break-ups in WWE history

Tag team wrestling has created memorable moments that would be cherished in wrestling history forever.

06 Sep 2018


When WWE went bizarre: 5 worst storylines of all time

Vince McMahon is, undoubtedly, a genius. He took a wrestling promotion and made it into one of the most popular entertainment brands in the world.

21 Aug 2018


Top 5 underdog stories in the history of WWE

Underdog stories inspire people to work hard and in scripted professional wrestling, such narratives are bound to attract great attention.

20 Aug 2018


Pocket-sized powerhouses: 5 shortest WWE wrestling icons

WWE has a host of superstars usually boasting about their size, strength and the damage they can do to inside the ring.