Rob Van Dam: News

Fans of professional wrestling will never forget the goosebumps they felt when an arena chanted the name ‘RVD.’ Rob Van Dam or Robert Alexander Szatkowski is a professional wrestler and actor who made a name for himself with his appearances in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and Impact Wrestling. RVD was born on December 18, 1970, in Michigan. He made his first television appearance on WWF TV in 1987. He was given the name Rob Van Dam by Rob Slinker, an American promoter. RVD signed with ECW in 1996. His rise to fame is closely related to his rivalry-turned-friendship with fellow wrestler Sabu. He made his last appearance in ECW in 2001 pay-per-view ‘Guilty as Charged 2001’. RVD joined WWE in 2001. He soon became a fan favorite even though he was introduced as a heel. He became the WWE Champion for the first time in 2006. His last appearance in WWE came in 2014. He has won twenty-eight championships in his time with different organizations. RVD is the first man to win ECW, WWE, and TNA Heavyweight championships. His most famous finisher was the five-star frog splash.

02 Nov 2019


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13 Sep 2019


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29 Aug 2019


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12 Jul 2019


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16 Feb 2019


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20 Nov 2018


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15 Nov 2018


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07 Nov 2018


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09 Oct 2018


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07 Sep 2018


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