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US: 3 killed, 2 injured in Virginia University shooting

A student allegedly opened fire on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, US, leaving three people dead and two injured late Sunday, the university police said.

14 Nov 2022


Natasa Pirc Musar becomes Slovenia's 1st female president

Natasa Pirc Musar—Slovenia's former Information Commissioner, journalist, and liberal lawyer who earlier represented former US first lady Melania Trump—was elected as the country's first female president on Sunday.

14 Nov 2022


Turkey: 6 dead, 81 injured in Istanbul blast; suspect arrested

Just hours after a bomb attack rocked a busy street in Istanbul, Turkey, on Sunday evening, claiming six lives and injuring 81 people, a suspect involved in carrying out the blast was arrested on Monday.

14 Nov 2022

G20 Summit

G20 Summit: PM Modi's packed 45-hour schedule in Indonesia

PM Narendra Modi will arrive in Indonesia on Monday for the 17th G20 Summit in Bali, where he has 20 engagements apart from bilateral meetings with 10 world leaders.

13 Nov 2022

Joe Biden

Democrats retain control of US Senate after key mid-term polls

Amid widely predicted loss for Joe Biden-led Democratic Party in the mid-term elections in United States, the party has managed to control the Senate.

13 Nov 2022

United Sates

Dallas: 6 feared dead as 2 WWII-era planes collide mid-air

A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra, two World War II era planes, crashed into each other mid-air in the United States (US) on Saturday.

12 Nov 2022


Another earthquake hits Nepal, tremors felt across north India too

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 5.4 on the Richter Scale rocked Nepal at around 7:57 pm (local time) on Saturday.

12 Nov 2022


800 test COVID-19 positive on Australian cruise ship in Sydney

As several hundred people on board a cruise ship in Australia tested positive, Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil on Saturday tried to reassure the public that "COVID-19 protocols were adequate" to deal with the situation.

12 Nov 2022


Thousands of angry Iranians hold protests to mark 'Bloody Friday'

Hundreds of protestors in Iran were seen taking to the streets after the Friday prayers in southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan province to mark a September 30 crackdown by armed forces called "Bloody Friday."

12 Nov 2022

Donald Trump

Trump may announce 2024 US presidential bid on November 15

The former United States president, Donald Trump, who campaigned for this year's midterm elections, may announce plans to run for US presidential election in 2024 on Tuesday, his adviser Jason Miller said.

11 Nov 2022

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccination boosts cancer treatment efficacy in patients: Study

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, its vaccines have become a point of discussion for several reasons.

11 Nov 2022


Nawaz Sharif may return after Pakistan government issues diplomatic passport

The Pakistan government has issued a diplomatic passport to the former prime minister and the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif after clearance from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

11 Nov 2022


Russia open for Indian students who left Ukraine: Envoy Avdeev

Russian envoy to India, Oleg Avdeev, on Thursday said that Indian students who fled Ukraine due to the war can continue their studies in Russia if they wish.

11 Nov 2022

Shooting Incident

Mexico: 9 die in bar shooting; police suspect gang war

Local authorities confirmed that a shooting incident inside a bar in central Mexico's Guanajuato state on Thursday left at least nine people dead and two others wounded.

11 Nov 2022

United Sates

Meet Indian-American Nabeela Syed, who scripted history in US election

Nabeela Syed, a 23-year-old Indian-American woman, has scripted history by becoming the youngest member of the 118-member Illinois General Assembly in the United States (US).

11 Nov 2022


US visa processing time set to drop significantly by mid-2023

On Thursday, a senior United States (US) embassy official said the wait for US visas is reportedly set to normalize by mid-2023.

10 Nov 2022

Fire Accidents

Maldives: 8 Indians among 10 migrant workers die in fire

At least 10 people including eight Indian migrant workers lost their lives in a fire in Male city of Maldives on Thursday.

10 Nov 2022

Queen Elizabeth II

Man shares photos to 'prove' he's King Charles' secret child

A man named Simon Dorante-Day from Queensland in Australia has been claiming to be King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla's secret love child for years now.

10 Nov 2022

Xi Jinping

Be combat-ready to win wars: President Jinping tells Chinese Army

Invoking a threat to China's national security, President Xi Jinping ordered the military to maintain combat readiness and "prepare for war" at the Central Military Commission's joint operations command center in Beijing.

09 Nov 2022

Nirav Modi

Nirav Modi's plea against extradition rejected by British court

A United Kingdom court on Wednesday rejected the plea of fugitive Nirav Modi against extradition to India to face the charges of fraud.

09 Nov 2022

US Congress

US midterm election results: Tight contest between Democrats, Republicans

The counting of votes for the US midterm elections got underway on Wednesday, which will in turn decide the composition of the US Congress — the federal legislature.

US: Why are midterm elections crucial for President Joe Biden?

The midterm elections of the US scheduled for Tuesday are said to be crucial for the country's future and, more importantly, for President Joe Biden.

08 Nov 2022

S Jaishankar

Works to India's advantage: Jaishankar on buying oil from Russia

External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar on Tuesday held a crucial meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

08 Nov 2022

United Nations (UN)

World population to hit 8bn; India will surpass China soon

On November 15, the world population will hit the eight billion mark, three times more than the numbers recorded in 1950.

08 Nov 2022


Poland: Ruling party leader blames women's drinking for low birthrate

Poland's ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party leader Jarosław Kaczyński has triggered outrage by blaming excessive drinking by young women for the country's low birthrate, The Guardian reported.

08 Nov 2022

Donald Trump

Donald Trump to make 'very big announcement' on November 15

Former president of the United States, Donald Trump, while campaigning on the eve of the final voting day in this year's midterm elections on Monday, revealed that he is set to make a "very big announcement" next week.

08 Nov 2022

S Jaishankar

Moscow: EAM Jaishankar to hold crucial meetings with Russian ministers

External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar is expected to hold crucial meetings with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow on Tuesday, The Hindu reported.

07 Nov 2022


Canada: Hindu diaspora heckles Brampton mayor over Khalistani referendum

The Hindu diaspora in the Canadian city of Brampton heckled Mayor Patrick Brown at a temple after an alleged Khalistani referendum was allowed to be organized by "anti-India" elements on Sunday.

07 Nov 2022

Equatorial Guinea

16 Indian sailors detained in Equatorial Guinea since 3 months

As many as 16 Indian mariners of oil vessel MT Heroic Idun have been detained in Equatorial Guinea, a Central African country, since August 14.

Airline removes 6 seats to accommodate the world's tallest woman

This airline actually went the extra mile for the tallest woman passenger.

07 Nov 2022


Taliban reveals founder Mullah Omar's burial place 9yrs after death

The Taliban on Sunday disclosed its founder Mullah Omar's final resting place, which was kept secret for over nine years since his death in 2013, reported AFP.

07 Nov 2022


Fire breaks out near Dubai's Burj Khalifa

On Monday morning, fire broke out in a 35-story high-rise building near the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, reported Associated Press (AP).

07 Nov 2022

Weird Stories

USA: Woman arrested for biting boyfriend over an adult toy

The world is a funny place and what makes it so are some really bizarre cases that keep happening time and again.

Russia-Ukraine war: US official holds confidential talks with Putin aides

United States President Joe Biden's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan held confidential talks in recent months with close aides of Russian President Vladimir Putin to de-escalate nuclear tensions amid Russia-Ukraine war, reported Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

06 Nov 2022


Chinese CPEC workers to move in bullet-proof vehicles in Pakistan

China and Pakistan have both decided to use bullet-proof vehicles to conduct outdoor movements of Chinese nationals working in Pakistan on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects to protect against terrorist attacks.

06 Nov 2022


Tanzania: Passenger plane crashes into Lake Victoria, rescue operations underway

A passenger plane of Precision Air on Sunday crashed into Lake Victoria in Tanzania possibly due to bad weather.

US: Shooting outside bar in Philadelphia leaves 9 injured

According to United States (US) police, nine people were injured outside a bar in Philadelphia often addressed as Philly, the sixth largest city in the country.

05 Nov 2022


US: 56-year-old grandmother gives birth to son and daughter-in-law's child

In what can only be described as an eye-catching incident, a woman turned surrogate and gave birth to her own son and daughter-in-law's child in the United States of America (USA).

05 Nov 2022

South Korea

Indonesia: K-pop band's concert stopped after 30 faint in stampede

South Korea's popular K-pop band NCT 127 had to stop their first concert in Indonesia on Friday after nearly 30 people fainted in an apparent stampede during the event.

05 Nov 2022


15 die after fire engulfs popular Russian cafe

A massive fire incident in a popular cafe in Russia on Saturday resulted in the death of 15 people while 250 were evacuated.

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