Doomsday Clock: News

25 Jan 2023

Climate Change

Doomsday Clock moves closest ever to midnight: What it means

Humanity might be closer to its end than many of us imagine. At least, that's what a group of atomic scientists think.

28 Jan 2021

Albert Einstein

Doomsday Clock unmoved by pandemic; reads 100 seconds to midnight

Humankind remains 100 seconds away from Armageddon. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has decided the Doomsday Clock reading shall not be changed this year.

24 Jan 2020

North Korea

Doomsday Clock: Humanity's doom is just '100 seconds' away

The annual unveiling of the Doomsday Clock in Washington DC, United States, revealed that humanity is just 100 seconds to 'midnight' aka doomsday.

27 Jan 2019

Climate Change

Doomsday Clock remains at two minutes to apocalypse

The Doomsday Clock, an allegorical timepiece designed to illustrate how close humanity is to an apocalyptic event, will remain at two minutes to midnight in 2019, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) recently declared.

01 Jan 2019


#ComicBytes: Five most anticipated comics of 2019

The new year brings hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

26 Jan 2018

North Korea

Doomsday Clock moved to two minutes to midnight

The Doomsday Clock, which serves as a metaphor for how close humanity is to destroying the planet, was moved to two minutes before midnight or doomsday, said the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

27 Jan 2017

Donald Trump

Nuclear 'Doomsday Clock' 2.5-mins closer to midnight after Trump's statements

The US-based Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved its symbolic "Doomsday Clock" 2 minutes 30 seconds closer to midnight.