ZEE5: List of upcoming movies and shows in April

Are you looking for a list of upcoming shows on ZEE5? Are you unable to find a list with relevant details? We got your back.

Check out the list of all the upcoming movies and shows releasing this April on ZEE5.


Sita On The Road (April 3)

This Telugu drama movie is about five women coming from different urban and rural backgrounds, look for freedom from reality and undertake an unknown journey.

Raat Baaki Hai (April 16)

This movie will revolve around two estranged lovers who end up meeting each other after 12 years. Get ready to witness unexpected twists in the movie that will leave you stunned.

Mathil (April 14)

You will enjoy watching this movie if you are interested in political dramas. Mathil looks at the life of a commoner who fights against a politician who wants to gain control over his property and uproot his life.


Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu (April 20)

This one is a neat addition to the family of movies and shows available on ZEE5. This show is based on the life of a gangster, Abu Salem where you watch his dominance in the underworld.

His Story (April 25)

Sit back and enjoy the urban relationship on April 25. In this movie, Sakshi, a woman devoted wholeheartedly to her family, runs a restaurant. As the story of this show unfolds, you will see unexpected shades of Sakshi’s character.