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22 Oct 2019

John Lennon

5 successful people who had dyslexia

Neuroscience studies confirm dyslexia is born out of neurobiological differences in the brain's wiring and structure, and carries a genetic component as well.

12 Mar 2019


18-year-old invents method to detect malnutrition at just Rs. 2

An 18-year-old Mangaluru boy named Muhammed Suhail CS was honored with the prestigious Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar this January.

11 Mar 2019


#DreamJobAlert: Sweden's 'Eternal Employment' will pay you to do nothing

Imagine a job where you don't have to do anything, but will get paid anyway. Sounds impractical?

10 Mar 2019


This start-up is helping rural women 'knit' their future

Heard of 'The Original Knit'? It's both an online and offline platform, where you can find handmade woolen wear for babies and toddlers.

09 Mar 2019


At 75, this 'fighter' trekked to Nathu-la Pass all alone

A trek at 75? Does it even feel like a doable task?

08 Mar 2019


Authorities seize family's dog over unpaid taxes, sell it online

Heard of "legal" dog tax? If not, this is news for you.

07 Mar 2019


What is a micro-sized bag everyone is talking about

Recently, noted French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus' eccentric creation of micro-sized bag took the Internet by storm.

07 Mar 2019

Steve Jobs

5 successful people who had dyslexia

Recently, PM Narendra Modi, while responding to a student's question via video conference at IIT-Roorkee's Smart India Hackathon, made a remark on dyslexia.

06 Mar 2019

Delhi Police

Wanted 'Spiderman' robber, obsessed with red jersey, captured in Delhi

A 23-year-old man identified as Ravi aka 'Spiderman' was recently arrested in West Delhi's Tilak Nagar.

06 Mar 2019

Madhya Pradesh

25-year-old man, hooked to PUBG, drinks acid instead of water

Apparently, PUBG addiction refuses to cease.

06 Mar 2019


This Muslim family maintains a 500-year-old Shiva temple

Just recently, a heart-warming story of unity between the Hindu and Muslim communities surfaced online.

05 Mar 2019


Jonas brothers' new song invites 'Hum Saath Saath Hain' memes

Jonas Brothers' music video Sucker, out after a break of almost six years, features Priyanka Chopra (wife of Nick Jonas), Sophie Turner (fiancee of Joe Jonas), and Danielle Jonas (wife of Kevin Jonas), along with the brothers.