YouTube Kids: News

25 Feb 2021


YouTube launches supervised accounts with parental controls tailored for teenagers

YouTube has rolled out Supervised accounts to help parents control the content their children can access on the platform. The feature is targeted at teenagers and fills the gap between YouTube Kids and unrestricted access.

01 Sep 2020

Snapdragon 730G

Lenovo's latest tablet offers an OLED screen and mid-range chipset

Lenovo has launched the new Tab Pro 11 as its "most powerful and premium consumer Android tablet" yet. It features a mid-tier Snapdragon 730G chipset, an OLED screen, up to 6GB of RAM, and promises 15-hours of battery life.

03 Jan 2020


Shocking! YouTube videos for kids caught featuring adult content

Even years after dominating as the biggest video streaming service, YouTube misses the most basic thing expected from such platforms - moderation of dangerous content.

27 Dec 2019


To keep children safe, YouTube once considered screening videos manually

Despite being incredibly successful, YouTube hasn't been able to dodge controversies.

28 Feb 2019


Momo challenge resurfaces, takes over popular kids content: Details here

The infamous Momo challenge, which asks vulnerable children to perform deadly tasks, has resurfaced.

25 Feb 2019


Shocking! Suicide content served in YouTube Kids videos

YouTube Kids, the video-streaming platform dedicated to children, is facing flak for hosting disturbing content, including videos showing how to commit suicide.

09 Apr 2018


Humans (and not algorithms) will curate new YouTube Kids app

YouTube is reportedly working to replace algorithms with humans for its new app for kids.