Hindu Marriage Act: News

17 Oct 2023


Supreme Court refuses to legalize same-sex marriage: Everything to know

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled against legally recognizing same-sex marriages in a 3:2 verdict.

Children of invalid marriages can get parents' property, rules SC

The Supreme Court (SC) officially ruled on Friday that children born out of voidable or void marriages are entitled to get a share in the property of their parents.

Supreme Court's landmark decision on divorce, waived six-month waiting period

The Supreme Court said on Monday it could dissolve "irretrievably broken-down marriages" using inherent powers under Article 142 of the Constitution.

15 Mar 2023


Madhya Pradesh: 2 women marry same man on one condition

A family court in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, managed to fix an agreement between a 28-year-old man and his two wives by distributing his time between the two women, reported India Today.

15 Jul 2022

Bombay High Court

Removal of Mangalsutra by wife causes husband mental cruelty: Court

Madras High Court has said that removal of thali (Mangalsutra) by an estranged wife would mean mental cruelty of the highest order for the husband.

14 Sep 2020

Delhi High Court

Our culture doesn't recognize same-sex marriage: Centre to Delhi HC

Same-sex marriages are not a part of our culture, the Centre told the Delhi High Court on Monday while opposing a plea demanding the recognition of same-sex marriage rights under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955.

17 Jan 2020


Here's how to obtain marriage certificate in India

Having a marriage certificate is essential for married couples in India, as the document acts as the legal evidence of their marriage.

04 Mar 2019


Bobby Darling divorce case: Husband questions validity of marriage

Bollywood actor Bobby Darling aka Pakhi Sharma, who had filed for divorce in 2017, landed in fresh trouble after her husband called their marriage invalid.

07 Nov 2018

Bombay High Court

Father can seek child visitation rights under DV Act: Bombay-HC

A father can seek visitation rights to his child under the Domestic Violence Act if the child is in the mother's custody, the Bombay High Court has ruled.

26 Aug 2018


SC: Second marriage valid even if plea-against-divorce is pending

While interpreting the Hindu Marriage Act, the Supreme Court clarified that a person's second marriage will be considered valid even if a plea against a divorce is pending.

08 May 2018


Married without consent, SC grants police-protection to Karnataka politician's daughter

The Supreme Court allowed the daughter of an influential Karnataka politician to break ties with her family and husband after she was forcefully married.

07 May 2018


Unmarried adult-couples can stay together, SC rules. But, can they?

The Supreme Court ruled, on Sunday, that adult couples can stay together without getting married.

01 May 2018


Mumbaikar granted divorce after wife assaults his mother, lodges false-cases

Reinforcing the fact that torture isn't just limited to men, a South Mumbai businessman has been granted divorce from his wife of 10 years due to her 'cruelty.'

17 Apr 2018

Bombay High Court

Divorce through Skype? Yes, Bombay HC shows how

Hailing online communication platforms like Skype as legal medium for granting divorces, the Bombay HC has allowed a US-based woman to give her consent for mutual divorce virtually.

11 Apr 2018


Marriage without consent: SC wants security for Karnataka woman

Supreme Court today asked Centre to grant protection to a Karnataka woman who alleged that she has been married-off without her consent.

18 Jan 2018


Sikh weddings to be registered under Anand Marriage Act

Delhi Revenue Minister Kailash Gahlot on Wednesday said that Sikh marriages in the city will soon be registered under the Anand Marriage Act; the framing of provisions under the Act has already reached its final stages.

06 Dec 2017


Centre's Rs. 2.5L incentive for marrying a Dalit

In 2013, the Centre launched a scheme to reward those marrying Dalits. However, only those with annual family income of less than Rs. 5L could seek a one-time incentive of Rs. 2.5L.

13 Sep 2017


6-month cooling period for divorce not mandatory, says SC

There is good news for estranged couples as the Supreme Court laid down that the minimum gap of six months for granting a divorce under the Hindu marriage could get waived off.

05 Jul 2017


Law Commission makes marriage registration compulsory

In a landmark judgement, the Law Commission has recommended compulsory registration of marriages within 30 days of wedding to prevent fake marriages.

11 Jun 2017

Bombay High Court

Sexual relationship doesn't imply marriage under Hindu laws: Bombay HC

The Bombay High Court said that a sexual relationship by choice, chance or accident doesn't convert it into a 'marriage' under Hindu laws, and children borne out of such relationships might not be entitled to the father's property.

13 Oct 2016


Delhi High Court: Denying sex is grounds for divorce

The Delhi HC overruled a trial-court decision and stated that denying sex to the husband was "mental-cruelty" and valid grounds for divorce.