Selfie Deaths: News

05 Sep 2022


Instagram Reel gone wrong: Teen hit by train, critically hurt

A Class 11 student who was reportedly trying to make an Instagram Reel while walking along a railway track got hit by a train near Telangana's Kazipet Railway Station.

29 Jun 2021


Dang in Gujarat makes clicking selfies a criminal offense

Clicking selfies has been made a criminal offense in Gujarat's Dang district in a bid to check accidents due to such activities, officials said on Tuesday.

22 Jun 2021

Narendra Modi

National Selfie Day: Selfies that went viral, for significant reasons

Selfies have become an integral part of our lives these days, with even smartphone manufacturers bringing up changes to make the front camera a better one in every new device.

08 Oct 2019

Tamil Nadu

Four family members drown in reservoir while posing for selfies

In yet another incident of selfie-related death in India, four members of a family died on Sunday while trying to click a selfie near the Pambaru dam in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu.

24 Jan 2019


Indian couple, who fell to death in US, was intoxicated

An autopsy report has revealed the Indian couple, who plummeted to their deaths in California's Yosemite National Park in October '18, was intoxicated.

31 Oct 2018


Indian-couple, who fell to death, warned others of dangerous selfies

Indian-couple Vishnu Viswanath and Meenakshi Moorthy, who died after falling 800 feet in California's Yosemite National Park last week, warned people of dangers of 'doing it for gram'.

23 Jun 2018


Goa introduces 'no-selfie-points', Southern Railways puts fine on selfie-enthusiasts

In a move to curb accidents related to selfies, authorities in Goa have come up with 24 no-selfie points. In a related news, Southern Railways have decided to fine passengers for clicking selfies at railway stations.

23 Jun 2018


Popular beaches in Goa to set up 'No Selfie' zones

In the wake of several incidents of drowning while clicking selfies at the beaches in Goa, the state-appointed lifeguard agency has identified 24 "No Selfie" points along the coast.

09 Mar 2018


Delhi: 23-year-old shot dead while clicking selfie with pistol

Posing with a pistol for a selfie has become a recent trend and a dangerous one.

25 Jan 2018


Selfie with speeding train lands Hyderabad youth in hospital

Selfies can kill. There were as many as 127 selfie-related deaths globally during March'14-September'16; more shocking is that 76 of them occurred in India.

24 Dec 2017


Psychologists claim "taking selfies" might be a genuine mental disorder

A joint study conducted by the Nottingham Trent University, UK, and the Thiagarajar School of Management (TSM), Tamil Nadu claims that "selfitis" or an obsession with taking selfies may actually be a real mental disorder.

19 Nov 2017


Taking action against "killfies", a rising epidemic in India

There were 127 selfie-related deaths around the world during March'14-September'16, but that's not even the most shocking part: 76 of them occurred in India.

26 Sep 2017


Bengaluru NCC cadet drowns in pond while friends click selfies

On Sunday, a 17-year-old NCC cadet from Bengaluru's National College drowned in a pond, even as his friends were busy taking selfies.

06 Jul 2017


India witnesses maximum number of selfie deaths in the world

A study revealed that India has witnessed maximum number of selfie-deaths in the world between March'14 and September'16.