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03 Dec 2020


'First Gay Wrestling Star' Pat Patterson dies of cancer

2020 snatched away many stars, and WWE joins that list now.

10 Aug 2020


Former WWE wrestler James 'Kamala' Harris dies at 70

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), on Monday, announced that legend James Harris has passed away at the age of 70.

20 Dec 2019


WWE: Interesting and unknown facts about Vince McMahon

When it comes to pro-wrestling, there is only one name who can be considered as the godfather of this industry, Vince McMahon.

29 Sep 2019


List of weird championships introduced by WWE

WWE is the king of pro-wrestling, as superstars put up a great performance to come out on top and vie for a designated championship in the promotion.

25 Sep 2019


These superstars began their career in WWE

WWE is known as the global king of pro-wrestling as it produces top feuds among its top superstars.

21 Sep 2019


WWE: These legends have never won the World Championship

WWE produces the best form of pro-wrestling due to the talent the promotion grooms.

19 Sep 2019


WWE: Ranking the superstars who have competed in MMA

WWE deals in pro-wrestling, which is the most entertaining form of combat sports, mixed with entertainment.

13 Sep 2019


WWE: Instances when fans invaded the action live on air

WWE produces the best form of pro-wrestling through its in-ring action. It draws millions of fans into the arena, as they enjoy watching their favorite superstars.

09 Sep 2019


WWE: These superstars were beaten by Vince McMahon

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is the ultimate king of pro-wrestling, courtesy of WWE's tremendous success, across the globe.

01 Sep 2019


WWE: Ranking The Undertaker's prominent Hell in a Cell matches

The Undertaker is undoubtedly the greatest professional wrestler to have ever stepped foot in the ring of WWE.

30 Aug 2019


WWE: Ranking the funniest moments of all-time

WWE is the best form of entertainment as it represents the sport of pro-wrestling.

29 Aug 2019


WWE: Five superstars who held multiple championships at once

WWE superstars are trained athletes as they display high-octane in-ring moves.

18 Sep 2018


Five days that changed WWE forever

WWE has a long history- it was started by Vince McMahon's grandfather and later run by his father as the WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation).

22 Jun 2018


Why does this Telangana man worship Donald Trump?

Along with Hindu Gods, 31-year-old Bussa Krishna, from Telangana worships US President, Donald Trump, daily. He has a picture of what he describes as 'World's most powerful man', and does aarti after offering him flowers, turmeric and vermillion.

03 Apr 2017


WWE: The Undertaker retires after 25-years of service

World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) one of the greatest professional wrestlers, 'The Undertaker' announced his retirement after suffering a loss in the WrestleMania 33. He lost to Roman Reigns.