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24 Jan 2021


US Defense Intelligence Agency admits buying location data off brokers

In a memo to Senator Ron Wyden, the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) admitted to buying location data of the public (and not just US residents) from data brokers.

25 Oct 2019


How hackers can use smart lights to steal your information

In the age of smart homes, buying a smart light bulb is pretty normal.

21 Apr 2019


Texas: Infant born without skin struggling for life

The day which was supposed to bring joy to 25-year-old Priscilla Maldonado left her terrified.

28 Jul 2018


There's no free lunch, not even for Facebook employees

They say that there's no free lunch, and that now seems to be applicable to Facebook as well.

06 Nov 2017


US: 26 shot-dead in Texas church in another mass-shooting incident

Gun violence seems to be spiralling out of control in the US. It has claimed numerous lives in recent times.