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13 Oct 2023

Travel And Tourism

Nature's masterpieces: Exploring the world's most mesmerizing waterfalls

Waterfalls are where the earth's untamed force and tranquil beauty meet in a fascinating show. They are nature's symphony.

18 Aug 2023


Traveling to Venezuela? Bring home these souvenirs

Besides postcards and photographs, souvenirs play a huge role in helping you revisit the fondest memories of your trip.

Texas: SUV runs over bystanders, 8 killed; hate crime suspected

At least eight people were killed and several others were injured after an SUV crashed into a group outside a migrant aid center in south Texas, United States, AP reported.

06 Feb 2023


After US, Colombia spots 'balloon-like' object in its airspace

Colombia's military confirmed seeing an object resembling an air balloon flying over its territory on Saturday.

28 Jun 2019

Davinson Sanchez

Copa America quarter-finals preview: All details here

Argentina are up against Venezuela in a crunch Copa America 2019 quarters battle later tonight.

31 Mar 2019

Russia News

Stop interfering in Venezuela crisis, Russia warns Washington

Russia yesterday warned Washington to stop interfering in the stand-off between Venezuela's government and the opposition movement, and once again defended its decision to send personnel to the country.

27 Mar 2019

Russia News

Deployment of Russian troops in troubled Venezuela violates constitution: Guaido

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido charged yesterday that the deployment of Russian troops in the troubled South American country violates its constitution.

20 Mar 2019

Donald Trump

Donald Trump warns of 'a lot tougher' sanctions on Venezuela

United States President Donald Trump yesterday warned that his country could impose "a lot tougher" sanctions on Venezuela as he urged the country's military to depose leftist leader Nicolas Maduro.

15 dialysis patients have died in Venezuela's blackout: NGO

Fifteen Venezuelans with advanced kidney disease have died after being unable to get dialysis during the country's extended power outage, an NGO reported yesterday.

13 Feb 2019

Hugo Chavez

Crisis-hit Venezuela mining gold to buy goods from other countries?

Venezuela is undergoing a socioeconomic and political crisis since 2010 and the situation isn't getting any better.

04 Feb 2019

Donald Trump

Military intervention 'an option' in Venezuela, says Trump

US President Donald Trump yesterday said military intervention in Venezuela was "an option", as Western countries are building pressure on socialist leader Nicolas Maduro to step down and hand over power to opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido.

24 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

Venezuela: In two days, 13 killed in protest against Maduro

Thirteen people have died during two days of unrest in Venezuela amid protests against leftist leader Nicolas Maduro.

29 Mar 2018

Human Rights Watch

Deadly riots, fire in Venezuela prison kill nearly 70

Deadly riots and fire in a Venezuelan prison in Valencia killed at least 68 people yesterday.

12 Dec 2017


Venezuela: Maduro bans opposition parties from contesting in 2018 elections

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has stated that the country's main opposition parties are banned from contesting in the presidential elections scheduled for next year.

05 Dec 2017

North Korea

Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban, restrictions come into effect

In a major win for Donald Trump, the US Supreme Court has upheld the president's third travel ban which denies the citizens of six predominantly-Muslim countries, Venezuela and North Korea, from entering the US.

Venezuela to launch new cryptocurrency 'Petra' amid economic crisis

In a bid to revive Venezuela's economy, President Nicolas Maduro has announced the creation of a new virtual currency.

14 Oct 2017


No paper, ink to print new passports in Venezuela

Strange as it may sound, Venezuela ran out of paper and ink to print new passports and expired passports' validity has been extended for two years.

25 Sep 2017

North Korea

North Korea, Venezuela and Chad brought under Trump's travel ban

In a bid to make America safe again, the US has brought Venezuela, North Korea, and Chad under Trump's controversial travel ban.

13 Aug 2017

Donald Trump

Venezuela crisis: Latin America condemns Trump's military response threat

Latin American trading bloc, Mercosur has condemned President Trump's remark threatening Venezuela with a military response.

Venezuela: Maduro's suffers setback, e-voting firm disputes election turnout

Smartmatic, the firm that provided election technology to Venezuela, has dismissed the government's voter turnout claims in Sunday's controversial constituent assembly vote.

Clashes mar Venezuela's constituent assembly vote, 10 killed

At least 10 people have died in protest-related violence in Venezuela as the country voted for a controversial constituent assembly.

20 Jul 2017

Donald Trump

Venezuela defies US sanctions threat on constituent assembly election

The Venezuelan government said it will hold a controversial constituent assembly election despite threats of US sanctions.

Dissident Venezuelan cop steals helicopter, throws grenades at Supreme Court

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said a helicopter had attempted to bomb the nation's Supreme Court, calling it a "terrorist attack."

Venezuelan Unrest: President Maduro wants to rewrite constitution amid protests

Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro announced the creation of a new popular assembly that can rewrite the constitution.

20 Apr 2017

Russia News

Trump inauguration received $500,000 from Venezuelan state-owned company

Venezuela, a country reeling under a severe economic crisis, has donated $500,000 to Donald Trump's inauguration.

Paraguay President sacks top officials after violent protests

The interior minister of Paraguay was sacked by Paraguay's President Horacio Cartes along with the chief of police after violent protests broke out.

Venezuela's president threatens opposition over attempted ouster

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said his country's opposition would face "dire consequences" for their latest "coup."

28 Oct 2016

Hugo Chavez

Anti-government protests escalate in Venezuela

Protests against President Nicolas Maduro escalated in Venezuela, causing unrest leading to dozens of injuries and arrests.