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09 Sep 2022

TWS earphones

Bose announces QuietComfort Earbuds II with ANC, CustomTune sound calibration

Bose has announced its latest truly wireless earphones, the QuietComfort Earbuds II.

22 Jul 2021

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Bose's next-generation Sleepbuds will help you sleep faster

Bose has launched its latest bedtime wearable, the Sleepbuds II, in India. It comes with a 'clinically proven' technology that can make people fall asleep faster.

13 Oct 2018


Bose launches new Alexa-powered Home Speaker and Soundbars in India

US-based company Bose, known for its speakers, has launched its latest smart home speaker and two soundbars in India.

09 Sep 2018


These Rs. 23,000 worth earphones from Bose can't play music

Months after the global unveiling, Bose has introduced Sleepbuds in India for Rs. 22,900.

These $250 earphones from Bose can't play music

Bose has launched Sleepbuds, an earphone that can't play music. Intrigued? Their only purpose is to help users sleep better.

15 Mar 2018


Bose announces sound-based augmented reality glasses

Audio company Bose has announced a pair of sound-based augmented reality (AR) glasses called Bose AR.

23 Sep 2017


Now talk to Google Assistant on your Bose headphone!

Leading speakers brand Bose recently debuted its modified version of the noise-cancelling QC35 headphones. The exciting new addition is support for Google Assistant.

20 Apr 2017


Spying through headphones: Bose Corporation sued for millions

Renowned audio company Bose Corporation has been accused of handing over its users listening history to third parties without informing them, violating their privacy rights.