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23 Dec 2020

Health & Wellness

COVID-19 immunity lasts at least eight months: Study

People who have recovered from coronavirus have immune memory to protect against re-infection for at least eight months, according to a new study.

23 May 2020


Fastest internet speed (44.2 Tbps) ever recorded in Australia

As you make do with a standard 4G, home broadband connection, a team of researchers from Australia's Swinburne and other universities is enjoying something way, way better than that.

12 Apr 2020


Deleted Chinese university notices suggest clampdown on coronavirus research

As China continues to draw backlash over its handling of the coronavirus crisis, a report suggested that the government may be cracking down on academic research related to the origins of the virus.

05 Apr 2020

Health & Wellness

Widely-used antiparasitic drug kills novel coronavirus in lab tests

In a major development, a team of Australian scientists has discovered that an antiparasitic drug, which is already widely available in the market, could be the way to treat the novel coronavirus disease.

06 Jan 2020


This battery can keep your phone running for five days

In a major development, scientists at Monash University have improved the efficiency of Lithium-sulfur batteries - significantly.

07 Jul 2019


Australian professors find JEE-Advanced 'intimidating'; point out flaws

The coveted Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) is said to be the toughest competitive exam to crack in India. Each year, lakhs of students appear for the JEE, yet only a few thousand manage to clear the exam.

21 Feb 2019


Soon, scientists will have a universal flu vaccine: Details here

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die from influenza epidemics.

06 Sep 2017


Are Chinese students undermining freedom of expression in Australian universities?

In recent months, there have been at least four prominent cases of Chinese students at Australian universities complaining about teaching materials which China considers incorrect or insulting.

09 May 2017

Global Warming

IIT-B professor awarded prestigious INSA Young Scientist medal

Vikram Vishal, assistant professor in the Earth Sciences department at IIT-B, has won the coveted Indian National Science Academy (INSA) medal for Young Scientist, 2017.