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One of the greatest directors of the modern era, David Lynch is described by many as the renaissance man of modern American filmmaking. He is credited with popularizing surrealism in films. Influenced by European filmmakers and films, Lynch treated his films like a canvas full of meanings and symbols. He intermixed realism with magical elements to create a world in his films that made the audience search for the truth. Born on January 20, 1946, in Montana, Lynch grew up in small-town America due to his father’s job in the Agriculture Department. Due to his love for painting, he attended various art schools and made a trip to Europe to become a painter, but he was soon disillusioned and dropped the plan. In 1971, he moved to Los Angeles and joined the AFI Conservatory to study filmmaking. His first feature film ‘Eraserhead’ was released in 1977. The film based on his life in Philadelphia soon became popular in the midnight movie underground scene. His next film, ‘The Elephant Man’ (1980) earned him his first Academy Award nomination for Best Director. Lynch’s reputation as an auteur was further enhanced in the ‘90s by the film ‘Wild at Heart’ and the TV series ‘Twin Peaks.’ ‘Wild at Heart’ won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1990. Lynch received the Academy Honorary Award in 2019. In 2001, he won the Best Director award at Cannes for ‘Mulholland Drive.’

28 May 2024


David Lynch teases 'something is coming' on June 5

Hollywood filmmaker David Lynch has piqued the curiosity of his followers with a cryptic video message shared on X/Twitter on Monday, coinciding with the Memorial Day in the US.

02 Dec 2023


Director David Lynch, Emily Stofle headed for divorce—their relationship timeline

Renowned filmmaker David Lynch's wife, actor Emily Stofle, has reportedly filed for divorce to end their 14-year marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

15 Oct 2023


Legendary Piper Laurie dies at 91: Revisiting her Oscar-nominated performances

Renowned Hollywood actor Piper Laurie, who had three nominations for Academy Awards, reportedly passed away in Los Angeles on Saturday (local time). She was 91.