Google Duo: News

02 Jun 2022


Google Duo and Meet to be merged into one app

Google will soon merge its personal video chat service, Duo, with its business-oriented video chat system, Meet. The company has announced the upcoming changes on the Google Workspace blog.

12 Apr 2021


Google makes its Lyra audio codec open source

Google has announced that the Lyra audio codec which was released for Duo in February 2021 is now open source.

28 Sep 2020


Now, screen sharing is available on Google Duo

Finally, the users of Google Duo are getting the much-needed ability to share their screens during video calls.

11 Sep 2020


Now, Google Duo is available on Android TV

Keeping its promise, Google has started making Duo available on Android TV.

08 Jul 2020


Now, you can have a Duo call with 32 people

In light of the ongoing global pandemic and social distancing requirements, leading technology companies have doubled down on video calling and conferencing.

19 May 2020


Google makes 'easier' Nest Hub for senior citizens: Here's how

In a world plagued by COVID-19, video-calling apps like Google Duo, Meet, Zoom are the only tools keeping us connected.

23 Apr 2020


Google Meet, Duo updated with handy new features: Details here

Given the growing demand for virtual meeting services, Google is racing to upgrade its video calling products and take on the likes of players like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

01 Jun 2019

Virat Kohli

Google Duo accidentally sends push notifications promoting Indian Cricket team

In a major promotional error, famous video calling app Google Duo has sent users around the world a message from the Indian cricket team.

29 Jan 2019


WhatsApp, Skype to be brought under regulatory-ambit? TRAI drops hints

Telecom regulator TRAI hopes to finalize, by February-end, its recommendations on whether over-the-top (OTT) services, such as WhatsApp and Skype, should be brought under the regulatory ambit, according to a top official.

01 Jan 2019


Soon, you can make group video calls on Google Duo

Google's dedicated video calling app, Google Duo, is getting a couple of new features that many had been waiting for.

21 Jun 2018


WhatsApp rolls out group voice and video calling feature

WhatsApp has finally started rolling out its group voice and video calling feature, which was announced at Facebook's F8 developer conference in May.

20 May 2018


Google Duo update brings screen sharing feature, but it's broken

The much-awaited screen-sharing feature in Google Duo, which was spotted in beta stage last October, is finally here.

28 Mar 2018


Google Duo update release paused over call volume bug

Google has paused the latest update of its video-calling app Duo after some Android users reported the issue of low volume levels during calls, with version v30 of the app.

19 Mar 2018


WhatsApp, Duo, Messenger: Which video calling app should you use?

With the boom in digital communication in India, people are increasingly switching to video calls to have casual conversations with friends.

15 Jan 2018


Google Duo lets users call Android phones without the app

Google Duo, the tech giant's not-too-old stand-alone video calling app, is letting some users make video calls to devices that do not have the app installed.