Snapchat Stories: News

10 Jun 2020


#TechBytes: What are Twitter Fleets, how to use them?

Microblogging giant Twitter has launched Fleets, its own version of Stories, in India.

05 Apr 2019


Soon, your Snapchat stories will come on Tinder: Here's how

Snapchat's iconic 'Stories' feature is heading over to Tinder.

26 Dec 2018


Now, WeChat mimics Snapchat Stories, launches self-disappearing 'Time Capsule'

Snap's famous 'Stories' feature has been mimicked, once again.

27 Sep 2018


WhatsApp co-founder left $850mn for his morals: Here's why

Since WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton quit Facebook a year ago and then went on to bite the hand that fed him, tweeting, "It is time. #deletefacebook", many questions had remained unanswered.

02 Aug 2018


This is how WhatsApp plans to make money

On Wednesday, WhatsApp announced the launch of its first revenue-generating product, WhatsApp Business API.

18 Mar 2017


Now, Facebook introduces Snapchat like Stories

Facebook has begun selectively rolling out a new feature called Facebook Stories, which allows users to put photos on the mobile app, which disappear after 24 hours.

15 Feb 2017


Facebook takes aim at YouTube, makes advances with video content

Soon, Facebook will unveil an app which will allow users to view videos on television.

03 Sep 2016


Facebook unveils its Instant Video features

Facebook added a new feature to its Messenger app allowing users to "share video with friends while conversing with them".