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10 Feb 2024


World Pulses Day: Powering nutrition and sustainability

On World Pulse Day, let's acknowledge pulses' role in global nutrition, sustainability, and food security.

16 Oct 2018

West Bengal

WB govt extends food security to 8.5cr people: Mamata Banerjee

The West Bengal government has ensured food security to more than 8.5cr people of the state under 'Khadya Sathi' scheme, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said today.

21 Jul 2017

North Korea

UN warns North Korea facing worst drought since 2001

A UN report says that North Korea is facing severe food shortages after suffering its worst drought since 2001.

20 Nov 2016

United Nations (UN)

The approaching revolution in agriculture

The long-overdue revolution in agriculture is within a few years' reach as the agricultural sector stands poised on the brink of a technological upheaval.

13 Nov 2016


India pledges to contribute $10.95 million for the UN

For the year 2017, Indian government pledged to contribute around $10.95 million for the development activities of United Nations carried on by several of its bodies.

12 Oct 2016

Sri Lanka

India rated 'Serious' in Global Hunger Index

According to the Global Hunger Index 2016, India was ranked 97 among 118 countries. With a 28.5 GHI score, India was below the average of a developing country (21.3).