Agriculture: News

04 Mar 2024


Araku: Where conscious dining meets culinary excellence

Mumbai's Colaba district's newly opened restaurant, Araku, shines for its commitment to utilizing regenerative agricultural produce.

21 Feb 2024


Companion planting: Growing plants that help each other

Companion planting, a traditional gardening method, strategically situates various plant species together to promote growth, repel pests, and boost yield. This technique leverages natural plant interactions to foster a harmonious ecosystem.

20 Feb 2024


Neem Summit: Objectives, theme, and importance

On February 19 and 20, 2024, a collaboration with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)-Central Agroforestry Research Institute, Jhansi, brought forth the Neem Summit & Global Neem Trade Fair.

19 Feb 2024


How Purple Revolution is benefiting farmers in India

In recent years, India has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its agricultural sector, largely propelled by technological innovations and shifting paradigms.

14 Feb 2024


Kaji nemu declared the state fruit of Assam

The Assam government officially designated the GI-tagged kaji nemu (Citrus Limon) as the state fruit.

10 Feb 2024


World Pulses Day: Powering nutrition and sustainability

On World Pulse Day, let's acknowledge pulses' role in global nutrition, sustainability, and food security.

01 Feb 2024


Aquaponics: Understanding this sustainable farming approach

Aquaponics is a sustainable agricultural practice that combines aquaculture (the cultivation of fish) with hydroponics (growing plants in a soil-less medium).

31 Jan 2024


Open-source technology's rising impact on agriculture

In the last decade, agriculture has experienced a significant technological revolution, with the integration of open-source technology further propelling this transformation.

26 Jan 2024


Can CRISPR gene-editing offer solutions to local crop challenges

Researchers have long hoped that the relative ease and low cost of CRISPR gene-editing systems would make it possible for scientists in low- and middle-income countries to produce crops with traits tailored to the needs of local farmers — rather than relying on seeds developed in foreign countries.

26 Jan 2024


Community-supported agriculture: Concept, benefits, and how it works

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards more sustainable and community-centered approaches to agriculture.

23 Jan 2024

Stock Market

Sugar stocks down in India on production worries

India's sugar production has seen a decline compared to last year.

16 Jan 2024

Indian Government

Why India has imposed 50% export duty on molasses

In the wake of a sugarcane shortage due to unpredictable monsoon rains, the Indian government has imposed a 50% export duty on molasses, a sugarcane by-product.

15 Jan 2024


Harvesting progress: Global perspective on genetically modified crops

The global agricultural landscape has witnessed a profound transformation with the introduction of genetically modified (GM) crops.

10 Dec 2023


India's agri-commodity exports fell 10L tons in September: Here's why

In September 2023, agri-commodity exports stood at 17.93 lakh tons.

16 Oct 2023


World Food Day: Sustainable agricultural practices worth adopting

The importance of eating healthy foods has led to the gaining popularity of sustainable agricultural practices across countries for both small-scale and large-scale farmers.

12 Sep 2023


Russian sellers stop offering discounted fertilizers to India

Russian companies have stopped offering discounted fertilizers, such as di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), to India due to tightening global supplies.

16 Apr 2023


All about powdery mildew: Symptoms and prevention

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects plants and causes a powdery growth on the surface of the fruits, flowers, buds, and leaves.

India launches contingency plans amid rising 'El Nino' chances

While raising concerns about rainfall deficit in the upcoming monsoon season, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) also predicted a 70-80% probability of an El Nino climate pattern this year.

Heatwave to sweep India as February records highest-ever temperature

After February witnessed its highest-ever maximum temperature in 122 years at 29.54 degrees Celsius, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a heatwave between March and May.

19 Oct 2022


Delhi's air quality deteriorates to 'severe' level as Diwali nears

Ahead of Diwali, air quality index (AQI) has reached a dangerous level at 317 on Wednesday in the national capital Delhi.

23 Aug 2022

Agriculture Ministry

Centre's committee on MSP constitues sub-groups to discuss key issues

The government's committee on minimum support price (MSP), natural farming, and crop diversification constituted three internal sub-groups to discuss the mandated issues in its inaugural meeting on Monday.

03 Aug 2022

Health & Wellness

National Watermelon Day: Benefits, facts, and how to grow

It is National Watermelon Day today in the US and we cannot get enough of this juicy red bundle of deliciousness. It's a shame we don't get it year-round!

02 Aug 2022


5 exotic fruits you must savor in this lifetime

Fruits are nature's free gifts to mankind. Loaded with antioxidants and other essential nutrients, a fruit-rich diet can reduce your risk of developing several chronic diseases.

20 Sep 2021

Agriculture Ministry

Centre plans to create unique IDs, database for farmers

The central government is reportedly planning to create unique IDs and a database for farmers to help them "seamlessly" avail all farm-related services under various government schemes.

10 Sep 2021


Government enhances scope of TMA scheme for agricultural exports

The government on Friday enhanced the scope of the Transport and Marketing Assistance scheme for specified agriculture products by including dairy products under its purview and increasing assistance rates.

13 Sep 2021


How Taranjeet Singh's AgNext Technologies is revolutionizing food value chains

India is an emerging technology hub and an established agrarian economy. At the intersection of these worlds, Taranjeet Singh Bhamra is redefining horizons for agriculturists and technocrats alike with his leading agritech start-up AgNext Technologies.

28 Mar 2021

Narendra Modi

#MannkiBaat: Modi suggests adopting farming alternatives to increase income

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the 75th edition of his monthly radio show 'Mann ki Baat'.

Government ready to suspend contentious farm laws for 1.5 years

In a major development in the deadlock between the central government and protesting Farmers, farmer leaders said the Centre is ready to suspend the three contentious laws that triggered the agitation.

29 Apr 2020

NITI Aayog

Agricultural growth not affected by COVID-19, says government

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Wednesday said that the agriculture sector remains unaffected even as India is under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

20 Apr 2020


#LockdownRelaxation: Industries which will be operational from April 20

India entered the second phase of the coronavirus-enforced lockdown on April 15, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the extension of the nationwide lockdown till May 3 to contain the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

28 Nov 2019


These cows were asked to wear a VR headset!

Some Moscow-based farmers tried virtual-reality headsets on their dairy cows. Bizarre as it sounds, they wanted to test if it improved cows' mood, and hence milk production.

Vegetables in Delhi found to have high lead content: Study

If you think eating your vegetables is going to assure good health, you might want to check again.

29 Apr 2018


Maharashtra to release Rs. 1,100cr to farmers for damaged crops

Under fire from the opposition over delay in financial aid to farmers for crops damaged by pests, the Maharashtra government is set to release Rs. 1,100cr for cultivators in the next few days, Bijay Kumar, Principal Secretary, Agriculture, said.

16 May 2017


China eyes up Pakistan: Dawn newspaper leaks CPEC master plan

In a shocking instance, reputed Pakistani daily Dawn leaked the Long Term Plan for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), currently under discussion at China's ongoing OBOR summit. The document had not been circulated to provincial governments for assent yet.