Sustainability: News

20 Jan 2023


Scientists discover efficient method of growing crops under solar panels

Scientists from the University of California, Davis, have come up with a method that can make agrivoltaic systems, the process of growing crops under solar panels, more efficient.

10 Jan 2023


"Miracle material" can efficiently convert plastics into sustainable fuels

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a system that can convert plastic waste and greenhouse gases into sustainable fuels by using solar energy.

US approves world's first vaccine for honey bees

US has approved the first-ever vaccine for honey bees which will confer protection from the American foulbrood disease.

12 Dec 2022

Fashion Tips

5 ways to upcycle an old saree

We have all heard about the sustainable concept of "reduce, reuse, and recycle."

02 Nov 2022


Here are 5 environment-friendly alternatives to plastic bags

Although plastic is lightweight, water-resistant, convenient, and cheap, it is among the most hazardous materials that degrade our environment in multiple ways.

17 Oct 2022


Future Audi EVs will clean city air while driving

Audi, in partnership with MANN+HUMMEL, has developed an air filter for electric cars in order to reduce pollution in cities.

17 Oct 2022


Diwali 2022: Ways to celebrate an eco-friendly festival of lights

This festival of lights, let's go green and encourage the same.

16 Oct 2022

Travel And Tourism

5 popular and inspiring eco-villages you must visit in India

With deforestation, privatization, and pollution on the rise, there are still some people who restore our faith in humanity and its dependence on Mother Nature.

12 Oct 2022


Can legal rights for animals, trees, rivers save the environment?

In the face of surging environmental crises, a team of experts has suggested that granting legal rights to non-human entities such as animals, plants, and rivers might provide a solution to mitigate the effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity.

07 Oct 2022

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Everything about hydrogen power and why it is gaining popularity

As we continue to struggle with alarmingly high greenhouse gases, hydrogen is considered by many as a sustainable source to meet soaring global energy demands.

1 October 2022

Solar Energy

Solar cooking: Meaning, advantages, and need of the hour

"Let the sun shine in," they said, without knowing how this could become one significant revolution in the way we cook.

22 Sep 2022


World Car-Free Day 2022: History, activities, and more

Celebrated around the world on September 22 every year, World Car-Free Day encourages motorists to give up on their cars for a day and explore other alternatives.

17 Aug 2022


National Thrift Shop Day: Here's why thrifting is sustainable

August 17 marks National Thrift Shop Day in the US and the shopaholic in us is screaming in joy!

11 Aug 2022


This website helps you 'fake it till you make it'

Every day we go to bed thinking "if only we were as swanky as the Instagram influencers!"

03 Aug 2022

South Africa

5 budget-friendly accommodation options in Johannesburg for solo travelers

A perfect safari stopover, Johannesburg is one of the most powerful commercial centers located on the African continent.

27 Jul 2022


Make these simple lifestyle changes to be more environmentally friendly

Being environmentally friendly and protecting Mother Earth not only makes the planet a better place to live in, but also improves your quality of life.

03 Jul 2022


International Plastic Bag Free Day: Use these plastic alternatives instead

July 3 is celebrated as International Plastic Bag Free Day to encourage people to use natural and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags and other items.

24 Jun 2022


National Upcycling Day: Why is upcycling better for environment

The US celebrates National Upcycling Day every year on June 24.

05 Jun 2022


Biopic on 'India's Recycle Man' Binish Desai announced: Details here

Production house NH Studioz on Sunday announced a feature film based on the life of Dr. Binish Desai—the "Recycle Man of India."

05 Jun 2022


World Environment Day 2022: Eco-friendly changes to make at home

Observed on June 5 every year, the World Environment Day was established by the United Nations Environment Programme in 1973.

03 Jun 2022

Health & Wellness

World Bicycle Day: Why you should ride that bike more

All fitness enthusiasts out there, get your cycles ready and greased, for June 3 is celebrated as World Bicycle Day.

25 Apr 2022


5 vegetarian sources of protein

If you are trying to cut down your meat or animal protein consumption but wondering how to compensate for the loss of protein with reduced meat, fish, or eggs, you must not worry.

22 Apr 2022


Earth Day 2022: Zomato announces 100% plastic neutral deliveries

As an Earth Day preset, food delivery platform Zomato announced 100% plastic neutral deliveries from this month onward. The company has also set a target of delivering more than 10 crore orders in sustainable packaging.

04 Apr 2022


How to have a zero-waste wedding

Weddings are a huge deal in India. Everyone wants to have a big, fat wedding. So many people spend crores on the gala.

14 Feb 2022


5 reasons to switch to local foods

Ever wondered about the journey of those very appealing and expensive exotic foods and their nutritional value?

26 Jan 2022


Top 5 ways to create a sustainable home

Climate change has led several people to become aware of their responsibility to live a more sustainable life to save the planet.

05 Nov 2021


Find out how you can make your lifestyle sustainable

Sustainable living includes decreasing the load on Earth's resources that we use and saving them for future generations.

19 Oct 2021


What are the differences between organic soaps and normal soaps?

A lot of people often wonder about the difference between a normal soap and an organic soap.

08 Nov 2021


How Nitin Gupta's Attero Recycling is catalyzing e-waste recycling

Attero Recycling is India's largest electronic waste (e-waste) and Lithium-ion battery recycling company co-founded by brothers Rohan Gupta and IIT-Delhi alumnus Nitin Gupta.

23 Sep 2021


Apple's zero net emissions goal looks unlikely: Here's why

In July 2020, Apple had announced that by 2030 the company will work to achieve a 100% carbon-neutral footprint.

09 Jun 2021


Indian-American student wins sustainability award for developing eco-friendly foam alternative

An Indian-American student has won a prestigious award for developing an eco-friendly foam alternative, which was motivated by the impact of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy.

05 Jun 2021


Aakash Ranison: Meet this climate change activist, and sustainability influencer

Aakash Ranison describes himself as a happy guy, and it is with this same infectious energy that he advocates for climate change.

17 May 2021


Make these tweaks to your daily routine, reduce carbon footprints

A carbon footprint corresponds to the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to support a person's lifestyle.

23 Apr 2021

Electric Vehicles

BLive's journey building EV experiences through tourism and retail

Samarth Kholkar is the co-founder of BLive, India's first electric vehicle (EV) experience platform.

06 Apr 2021


How Prakritik Power is helping businesses shift to solar energy

Armed with nine years of work experience, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, and having spent two years running a successful start-up, Narayan Singh Rao decided to make an impact in the area of sustainable power generation by leveraging solar energy.

03 Apr 2021


How this IIT-Madras incubated start-up is reimagining India's construction industry

After witnessing the havoc wreaked by the 2015 Chennai floods first-hand, then 22-year-old Shree Ram Ravichandran felt there was a dire need for disaster relief shelters which can be swiftly deployed.

20 Mar 2021


How Binbag is changing the e-waste management landscape in India

After working for years in the financial services industry, Bengaluru-based Achitra Borgohain set out to solve India's e-waste problem.

09 Mar 2021

Elon Musk

Tesla covertly installing mega-battery to stabilize Texas power grid

While Tesla is famous for its electric cars, the company's official mission is to "accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy". Bloomberg reports that the company is currently building a battery facility at Angleton, Texas.

28 Feb 2021

Bill Gates

Bill Gates's book draws attention to billionaires' colossal carbon footprint

Business magnates such as Bill Gates and Roman Abramovich aren't famous for their wealth and business acumen alone. They also happen to be among the world's largest contributors to climate change and ecological imbalance.