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19 Sep 2023


5 fast-growing houseplants for those with jam-packed agendas

In the hustle and bustle of student life or a busy schedule, maintaining a flourishing garden can be challenging.

13 Sep 2023


Unique exotic plants you can consider growing in your backyard

Exotic plants and vegetables have found their place in many Indian gardens and, subsequently, on kitchen shelves.

12 Sep 2023


Turn your backyard into a profitable orchard with these plants 

India, a land of extraordinary biodiversity, is home to a vast array of plant species that go well beyond the familiar ones.

07 Sep 2023

Home Decor

Plants you should never keep at home. Here's why 

Plants are one of the most important home decor essentials that not only spruce up one's space but also contribute to a clean and fresh environment.

Make insecticides at home to protect your plants: Here's how

Our green friends can be easily attacked by several kinds of insects that can impede their growth.

Pests in your plants? Try these home remedies

Plants are super vulnerable to pest infestation that can stunt their growth and nourishment.

23 Aug 2023


Plant these vibrant flowers now to brighten up your September

If you want to add vivid and stunning blooms to your outdoor space, this month offers plenty of opportunities.

14 Aug 2023


Lucknow man grows 250kg tomatoes on his rooftop

Amid the soaring prices of tomatoes, a resident of Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow has managed to cultivate over 250 kilograms of tomatoes on his rooftop.

09 Aug 2023


How to design a garden using Wabi-sabi, a Japanese technique

Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese technique that is all about appreciating beauty in its most natural and raw state.

14 Jul 2023


Keep insects at bay with these repellent plants

It can be difficult to control insects and pests, especially when they get inside our house and refuse to leave. Although chemical repellents are widely available, there is a more sustainable and natural alternative: pest repellent plants.

14 Jul 2023


Climber plants that can enhance the look of your balcony

Climber plants are a great way to make your balcony look amazing, especially when you don't have much gardening space.

10 Jul 2023

Health & Wellness

Gympie-Gympie: The plant that makes death a more appealing choice

Earning its title as one of the world's most dangerous plants, the treacherous Gympie-Gympie plant has made its way to the United Kingdom.

09 Jul 2023


Read these books to learn about organic farming

We are in an age where health and wellness come before everything else.

06 Jul 2023


Understanding the basics of plant growth hormones

Plants have an incredible way of communicating, guiding their growth, and responding to the environment.

28 Jun 2023


How to prevent common plant diseases during monsoon

Whether you are new to gardening or an expert, growing your own food and sharing it is a wonderful experience.

27 Jun 2023


Flowers you can't miss in your monsoon garden

Imagine reading your favorite book on a rainy day, surrounded by the amazing smell of flowers and rain, or having a heartfelt chat with friends over tea on a misty evening.

20 Jun 2023


Types of fertilizers and how they help plants grow

Learn the secrets of gardening and how to choose the best fertilizer for your plants.

31 May 2023


Five natural ways to remove weeds from your garden

Weeds are nothing short of a nightmare for gardeners. They are like uninvited guests stealing space and nutrients from your plants.

23 May 2023


Alternate gardening: Methods of hydroponics you can try at home

Have you ever wanted to grow your own produce at home but refrained from them due to lack of space? This can be your cue to start hydroponics.

19 May 2023


Vegetables you can grow in your garden during summers

You can easily take advantage of the summer season by growing vegetables under the sun. There are multiple healthy vegetables that thrive on heavy sunlight.

16 May 2023


Common causes of curling leaves in your plants

We all love the sight of plants flourishing with their lush green leaves in various shades and unique forms.

02 May 2023

Home Decor

5 house plants you can grow from stem cutting

You can regenerate several plants easily from stem cuttings and expand your garden with those herbs, flowers, and fruits without any extra cost or effort.

24 Apr 2023


5 plants that will keep weeds out of your garden

Weeds can be a real menace in ruining your garden. These are plants that sprout up on their own, uncultivated, and with no intention other than to inflict harm on the surrounding vegetation.

16 Apr 2023

Summer season

All about powdery mildew: Symptoms and prevention

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects plants and causes a powdery growth on the surface of the fruits, flowers, buds, and leaves.

13 Apr 2023


Plant diseases you should be aware of in your garden

Not only humans but plants can also get infected with harmful diseases.

12 Apr 2023

Healthy Foods

Start growing your own food, you will not regret it

Are you considering growing your own food, but unsure if it is worth the effort? Look no further!

09 Apr 2023

Summer season

The ultimate summer survival guide for your plants

Summer season is about to get intense in a few weeks.

30 Mar 2023


Did you know these health benefits of gardening, we neither

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies for a variety of reasons.

22 Mar 2023


Revitalize your garden soil with these 5 simple techniques

Regardless of the type of soil you have, it is possible to transform it into healthy garden soil with some effort and patience.

16 Mar 2023

Summer season

Bring these 5 summer flowering plants into your garden today

Summers in India can be harsh, with high temperatures and intense sunlight, but there are many plants that can thrive in these conditions and produce beautiful blooms.

15 Mar 2023

Home Decor

Spring-cleaning: Tips to refresh your home for the new season

Spring is a great time to give your home a refreshing makeover after the long, cold winter months.

10 Mar 2023


No sunlight in your garden? Bring these shade-tolerant roses

Roses have long been a symbol of love, beauty, and passion.

08 Feb 2023

Home Decor

Never keep these Vastu 'unfriendly' plants at home

Plants are a great addition to your indoor space. While some enhance the aesthetics of your room instantly others are kept indoors for their medicinal value.

27 Jan 2023

Home Decor

Tired of unkempt gardens? Simple tips to keep them clean

Maintaining a garden at home is not only good for your mental health but also for the environment as you can grow your own produce and build a more sustainable lifestyle.

05 Dec 2022


World Soil Day: Your guide to different types of soil

World Soil Day is meant to highlight the importance of healthy soil and is observed annually on December 5.

30 Nov 2022

Home Decor

Bring home these 5 easy-to-grow orchids

If you love flowers and are thinking of getting some fancy orchids, this is for you.

24 Nov 2022


Common houseplants that are harmful to your pets

Although houseplants can help purify the air indoors and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room, some of them can be fatal to your pets.

13 Nov 2022

Weird Stories

5 fascinating orchids that look like animals

Flowers bloom in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but there are some which look like animals!

11 Nov 2022


Grow these 5 vegetables in your home this winter season

Some veggies simply prosper a little better during the season of cold waves.

11 Nov 2022

Home Decor

5 beautiful lilies that you can grow on your balcony

Lilies are a large group of flowers that come in all shapes and shades.

10 Nov 2022

Air Pollution

Bring home these air-purifying indoor plants to breathe easy

At a time when air pollution is at its peak in major cities, breathing in pure and fresh air is gradually becoming a luxury.

08 Nov 2022

Home Decor

Pot these 5 aromatic plants for a naturally scented home

Let your abode be 'scent' percent aromatic.

15 Aug 2022


Here's how you can set up a beautiful terrace garden

Gardening is a therapeutic hobby and a terrace is a place of solace for most people.

07 Jun 2022


5 leafy greens you can grow on your balcony

Are you expanding your balcony garden or kitchen garden? Consider growing these edible leafy greens.

06 Jun 2022

Health & Wellness

Here's why gardening is the best form of exercise ever

Do you know that gardening can prove to be a wonderful form of exercise?

06 Jun 2022


5 natural ways to get rid of pests

Most Indian households face the problem of pests and insects, including spiders and flies, creeping into their house, especially during the summer season.

30 May 2022

Summer season

5 plants that soak up summer heat like a boss

Summertime calls for every measure we can take to cool our surroundings as temperatures soar as high as 45 degree Celsius.

12 May 2022


5 plants that will make your skin glow naturally

Natural and herbal skincare products are ruling the market since most of us want to play safe when it comes to our skin.

03 May 2022


How to build a greenhouse in your backyard

A greenhouse is basically a structure with transparent roofs and walls that produces a controlled climate condition which is ideal for healthy plant growth.

28 Apr 2022

Home Decor

How to create a terrace garden

A lush green garden on the terrace with several fragrant flowery plants and vegetable pots is sure to lift your mood after a long tiring day.

27 Apr 2022


5 natural garden fertilizers

Harsh fertilizers can damage the soil in your garden and can stunt the growth of your beloved plants. They can also reduce the organic matter in the soil and cause soil acidification.

26 Apr 2022

Home Decor

5 indoor plants for your bathroom

Are you a home décor fanatic? Then most of your home is probably well decorated. But is it the same with your bathroom?

26 Apr 2022


How to attract birds into your garden

Birds can be delightful to watch, as they fly, chirp perched on branches, or flutter around bushes in search of food.

25 Apr 2022

Home Decor

5 must-have garden tools and why

If gardening is your hobby or a newfound passion, you must be aware of the hard work, patience, and persistence that goes into making a garden bloom beautifully.

14 Mar 2022

Home Decor

5 fragrant plants for an aromatic home

Plants not only add to the beauty of your home, but also purify the air, and in some cases make your home smell incredible.

05 March 2022


How to create a kitchen garden

Have you ever tried to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in your backyard or garden?

02 Mar 2022

Home Decor

5 indoor flowering plants for beginners

New gardeners alert! If you are wondering what plants to get for your home, this post is for you.

15 Feb 2022

Home Decor

Top 5 mosquito repellent plants in India

Summer is coming and with it will come a swarm of uninvited guests—mosquitoes.

14 Feb 2022

Home Decor

Beginner's guide to vertical gardening

Don't allow a lack of space to prevent you from having the garden of your dreams.

14 Feb 2022

Health & Wellness

Top 5 bedroom plants for better sleep

if you are having trouble falling asleep or getting a good night's sleep, then it's time you turn green.

07 Feb 2022

Home Decor

5 ways to save dying houseplants

Plant parenting can help lift your mood but it is not an easy job.

02 Feb 2022

Home Decor

5 must-have plants for your home

Plants are a fantastic way to liven up your home or add a touch of natural color to your space.

05 Jan 2022

Home Decor

5 plants to add color to your garden in winter

Winter isn't the best time for plants. Several wither away while most of them do not bloom in the harsh cold.

20 Dec 2021

Home Decor

Top 5 pot planters to lift your home decor

Gardening is an art and one of the best stress-busting activities.

17 Dec 2021


Planning to sow a new lawn? Follow these simple steps

There is something fascinating about lush green grass on a lawn. It is soothing to the eyes and looks divine.

09 Dec 2021

Home Decor

5 plants perfect for student dorm rooms

A dorm room is a common space that plenty of other people share with you. It isn't easy to decorate your own little corner in this scenario.

08 Dec 2021

Home Decor

Not blessed with green fingers? Try these gardening hacks

Gardening is an art and not everyone has the ability to grow beautiful plants. Planting saplings and looking at them grow is extremely satisfying.

03 Dec 2021

Home Decor

5 non-green plants to brighten up your garden

Most plants possess a vibrant green color due to the green pigment chlorophyll.