Ho Chi Minh City: News

11 Apr 2024


Vietnamese billionaire sentenced to death in $12.5bn fraud case 

A Vietnam court sentenced real estate tycoon—Truong My Lan (67)—to death over her role in a 304 trillion dong ($12.46 billion) fraud case, the country's biggest on record.

15 Apr 2020


In Vietnam, free 'rice ATMs' pop-up for those in need

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, several "rice ATMs" have popped up across Vietnam to feed the poor.

10 Jan 2020


Five cheapest countries to travel to in 2020

Everyone loves to travel, more so when it comes cheap.

08 Jan 2020


Five best cities for street food around the world

Street food is one of the best ways to experience the culture of a city/country.

12 Sep 2019


Visiting Vietnam? Do check out these lesser-known hidden gems

Its natural beauty, unstoppable city life, and delicious food have made Vietnam one of the biggest tourism magnets not only in Asia, but also in the world.

14 Aug 2018


Global Liveability Index: Vienna goes top, replaces Melbourne

The Austrian capital of Vienna has leapfrogged Australia's Melbourne to become the world's most pleasant city to live in.