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09 Feb 2018


Beware of fake RBI websites. Here's how

Dear readers, beware.

08 Feb 2018


Home loans taken before April'16 to get cheaper

The recent monetary policy has brought good news for those who had taken home loans before April'16.

07 Feb 2018


How this Jaipur cop prevented biggest ever bank robbery

A Jaipur cop's presence of mind foiled a Rs. 925-crore robbery bid in what would have arguably been India's biggest bank heist ever.

07 Feb 2018


RBI keeps repo rate unchanged for third time at 6%

The RBI has kept the repo rate unchanged at 6% for the third time, even as inflation reached a 17-month high.

06 Feb 2018


Bad news, Bitcoin investors! Your earnings are now taxable

World's largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin plunged a whopping 66% from its all-time high of $19,666 to $6,000 (Rs. 3.8L).

03 Feb 2018


Trouble for people depositing more than Rs. 15lakh during demonetization

Indians who bank-deposited unaccounted cash over Rs. 15 lakh during demonetization are now under government scanner.

02 Feb 2018


After Budget, Sensex closes 839 points lower, Nifty cracks too

A day after Budget 2018, the markets shuddered and benchmark indices fell sharply, a consequence of the new long-term capital gains (LTCG) tax and other factors, analysts said.

01 Feb 2018

Delhi High Court

Delhi HC asks government to examine Rs. 50, Rs. 200-notes

The Delhi High Court asked both the RBI and the Centre to review the newly released Rs. 50 and Rs. 200 notes.

17 Jan 2018


All 14 kinds of Rs.10 coins are valid, RBI reiterates

The RBI has announced once again that all 14 kinds of Rs. 10 coins in circulation are valid.

17 Jan 2018


NIA seizes Rs. 100 crore demonetized notes in Kanpur

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the UP police have discovered Rs. 100 crore in old demonetized notes hidden in an under-construction building in Kanpur.

15 Jan 2018


UIDAI adds another security feature to Aadhaar: Facial recognition

Less than a week after announcing a new two-layer safety feature, the UIDAI has come up with another facility to increase security: your face.

12 Jan 2018


Before budget, inflation at 5.2% and Industrial growth at 8.4%

Before FM Arun Jaitley presents his government's last full-fledged budget, two macroeconomic data indicators gave mixed signals for the economy.

10 Jan 2018


Virtual ID, limited KYC: Aadhaar has new two-layer security feature

Days after a major breach was reported in the Aadhaar database, the UIDAI has come up with a new two-layer security system to protect privacy.

05 Jan 2018


New Rs.10, Rs.50, Rs.200 notes: All you need to know

The RBI has officially announced new notes of Rs. 10 in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) series. RBI Governor said they will be issued shortly.

04 Jan 2018


New chocolate brown Rs. 10 notes to be out soon

Printing has started for the new Rs. 10 notes in the Mahatma Gandhi series and the currency will be issued shortly, Mint reported.

03 Jan 2018


AAP finally decides on its Rajya Sabha nominees

After intense discussions, AAP has finally decided on its Rajya Sabha nominees. Delhi's deputy CM Manish Sisodia announced that senior leader Sanjay Singh and lesser-known leaders ND Gupta and Sushil Gupta will be their nominees.

29 Dec 2017


India's first app-based Bitcoin wallet launched; transact using your mobile-number!

Despite RBI's warnings and the rising concerns about the potential risks involved in investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, investments in virtual currencies are on the rise in India.

27 Dec 2017


Cheque-books of six banks to be invalid from December 31

The chequebooks of six banks formerly associated to SBI will become invalid on December 31. The earlier deadline was September 30, which was extended.

27 Dec 2017


Bitcoin craze hits entrepreneurs: Companies name themselves after Bitcoins

As Bitcoin's value continues to skyrocket (after a brief stumble recently), the number of people doing "crazy" things to cash in on the Bitcoin craze is also surging.

15 Dec 2017


No charges on card transactions upto Rs. 2,000 from January

Starting January 1, 2018, you won't have to pay transaction fees on debit card payments of up to Rs. 2,000 for two years.

14 Dec 2017


WPI inflation touches 8-month high of 3.93%

The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation rose to an eight-month high of 3.93% this November on the back of rising food and fuel prices.

13 Dec 2017


What is FRDI Bill? How does it protect your bank-deposits?

Most of us have bank accounts, but the funds held in these savings accounts aren't really safe if the banks fail.

12 Dec 2017


Retail inflation hit 4.88% in November; highest in 15 months

Breaching RBI's estimate of 4%, India's retail inflation, or Consumer Price Index (CPI), has reached 4.88% in November 2017- the highest in 15 months.

12 Dec 2017


RTI: Rs. 2000 notes are here to stay

Recently, there were rumors regarding the demonetization of Rs. 2000 notes. To put them to rest, a Pune-based activist, Prafful Sarda filed an RTI. The RTI query clarified the status of Rs. 2000 notes.

11 Dec 2017


Counterfeit notes can get you jailed. Learn to spot them

How likely is it that you have a fake note resting in your wallet? With counterfeit notes worth Rs. 11.23 crore detected across India in the first eight months post demonetization, the probability of it is unmissable.

09 Dec 2017


Rs. 200 notes still scarce, but fake ones are out

Though RBI introduced Rs. 200 notes in August, they are rarely in circulation. While many are yet to get their hands on the new banknote, fakes ones have already surfaced in Jammu.

08 Dec 2017


Steep rises, frauds and theft: Chaos in the bitcoin world

As the Bitcoin crossed the $17,000 mark, Twitterati seems to have gone crazy over a seemingly "generous" offer by a user: one free bitcoin each to "five random people" who retweet his post announcing the giveaway.

07 Dec 2017

Warren Buffett

Bitcoin crosses $14,000-mark; but RBI warns people of risks

The world's most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has surpassed the $14,000-mark (Rs. 9lakh), recording an over 1400% rise compared to its below $1,000 price at the beginning of 2017.

06 Dec 2017


RBI keeps repo-rate unchanged at 6% for second consecutive time

The RBI's six-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has kept the repo rate unchanged at 6%, second time in a row, in its fifth bi-monthly policy review.

30 Nov 2017


Looking back at 100 years of Re 1 currency note

India's smallest currency note, Rupee 1, turns 100 today.

29 Nov 2017


Bitcoin breaks $10,000-barrier: Know how you can invest in Bitcoin!

The value of Bitcoin, the world's oldest and largest cryptocurrency, has soared above $10,000 yesterday (28 November) - a remarkable rise from a mere $0.003 price seven years ago.

27 Nov 2017


'Short-term' political solutions to job reservation demands can damage: Rajan

Even as different communities protest for reservation in jobs, former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has opposed "short-term" political solutions to the matter.

24 Nov 2017


Finance Ministry refutes reports about banning of cheque books

After reports emerged that the government might ban cheque books, the Finance Ministry has denied any such proposal under consideration.

21 Nov 2017


Govt to now end cheque books in India? Know more.

According to Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal, the Indian government is mulling yet another disruptive move towards a cashless economy: abolishment of the cheque book.

13 Nov 2017


Robbers dig 50-feet tunnel through Mumbai bank, empty 27 lockers

In a daring theft, robbers dug a 50-feet tunnel into a bank in Navi Mumbai and escaped with valuables from 27 lockers.

10 Nov 2017


Doorstep banking facilities for senior citizens, disabled from December 31

To make banking easier for senior citizens and the differently-abled, the RBI has asked banks to provide them doorstep facilities.

09 Nov 2017


Here's why RBI has cut down on printing new currency-notes

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has cut down the order for printing new currency notes to a five-year low because it and other banks do not have the needed space to keep them.

08 Nov 2017


Demonetization anniversary: Chidambaram says RBI should release demonetization-related documents

As opposition celebrates "black day," former finance minister P Chidambaram slammed the Modi government for the demonetization move.

08 Nov 2017


Demonetization anniversary: How has India changed in the last year?

This day last year, as citizens were settling down for dinner, PM Narendra Modi dropped a bomb on unsuspecting Indians: Rs. 500/1,000 notes were suddenly dead.