Hindi Diwas: News

28 May 2022


'Sense of responsibility toward literature': Booker Prize winner Geetanjali Shree

Geetanjali Shree, who won the prestigious International Booker Prize on Thursday for her novel Tomb of Sand, expressed happiness and said she feels a sense of responsibility toward herself and literature.

18 Sep 2019


Rajinikanth supports Shah's 'one language' policy, but explains the problem

Union Home Minister Amit Shah stoked a controversy on Hindi Diwas last week when he batted for "imposing" Hindi in the country, saying it will bolster unity.

16 Sep 2019


#HindiDebate: Kamal Haasan says 'battle for Tamil bigger than Jallikattu'

Mere days after Home Minister Amit Shah's push to make Hindi India's national language, actor and politician Kamal Haasan has come out in opposition of his comments.

14 Sep 2019


Stalin, Mamata disagree with Shah's 'Hindi for all' idea

The Hindi language took center stage in Indian politics on Saturday after Home Minister Amit Shah linked it with country's unity.

14 Sep 2019


Hindi Diwas: Amit Shah pushes for Hindi as national language

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, Union Home Minister Amit Shah pushed for Hindi to be designated India's national language.

14 Sep 2018


'Super 30' founder Anand Kumar stresses teaching in mother tongue

Mathematician and Super 30 founder Anand Kumar today stressed on the need for teaching children in their mother tongue Hindi.

14 Sep 2016

Tamil Nadu

Government to promote Hindi in North-East and South india

To make the language more popular, Centre has decided to promote use of Hindi in everyday conversation in government offices and in North East and South India.