Microsoft Outlook: News

25 Jan 2023


Microsoft services face outage: Teams, Outlook, Azure down globally

Multiple Microsoft services, like Outlook and Teams, are down for users around the world, including India. The company said that it is investigating the issue.

01 Oct 2020


#OutageAlert: Microsoft Outlook goes down globally

Just two days after suffering from an outage that lasted for hours, Microsoft Outlook is down again.

30 Jul 2020


New Android malware can steal your banking credentials, Government warns

The cybersecurity agency working for the Government of India has raised alarms over a dangerous new strain of malware on Android.

16 Jul 2020


This malware can steal passwords, card data from 300+ apps

After Joker, a new strain of malware called 'BlackRock' has surfaced on the internet.

16 Apr 2019


Microsoft admits Outlook email hack worse than originally thought

Just recently, we reported that some unknown hackers compromised the account of a Microsoft support agent and gained access to Outlook accounts of a small number of users.

14 Apr 2019


Hackers broke into some Outlook email accounts: Details here

In yet another privacy-related debacle, Microsoft has revealed that its popular webmail service has been compromised.