Earth Day: News

22 Apr 2023


Earth Day: Practical hacks to reduce daily use of plastics

Single-use plastic products have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, but they are a major threat to the environment.

22 Apr 2023


Zero Waste Living: A beginner's guide to sustainable living

With landfills filling up and plastics choking our oceans, it is clear that our current approach to waste is unsustainable.

22 Apr 2023


5 high-tech solutions shaping the future of waste management

More and more people are now becoming environmentally conscious about waste disposal with new solutions emerging that are challenging traditional ideas of waste management.

21 Apr 2023


6 ways you can save energy at home

Energy conservation involves employing less energy to save expenses and reduce its ill effects on the environment.

22 Apr 2022


Earth Day 2022: Zomato announces 100% plastic neutral deliveries

As an Earth Day preset, food delivery platform Zomato announced 100% plastic neutral deliveries from this month onward. The company has also set a target of delivering more than 10 crore orders in sustainable packaging.

22 Apr 2022


Earth Day Google Doodle: Scary timelapse shows climate change fallout

April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day across the globe.

22 Apr 2022

United Nations (UN)

International Mother Earth Day 2022: History, significance and more

International Mother Earth Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009.

22 Apr 2019


Earth Day: 6 green-themed movies for you to watch

If you are somebody who cares about the planet (or the exact opposite, it doesn't matter), we have a list of films for you.

22 Apr 2019


#EarthDay2019: Google doodle celebrates life at the extremes

This Earth Day, Google is celebrating the diversity of nature by bringing our attention to some extremely fascinating living organisms.

19 Apr 2019


Apple's new lab uses robots to rip apart, recycle iPhones

As part of its global recycling and e-waste control program, Apple has opened a new Material Recovery Lab in Austin, Texas.

25 Nov 2017


Man to launch himself in rocket to test Flat-Earth theory

Despite centuries of scientific work and ample modern-day evidence proving that the Earth is a sphere, California-based "Mad" Mike Hughes has decided to launch himself on a homemade rocket to prove that the Earth is flat.

23 Apr 2017


First ever 'March for Science' held worldwide

In an attempt to promote the action of protecting the environment, 'March for Science' was celebrated worldwide coinciding the occasion of Earth Day.

22 Apr 2017


Earth Day 2017: On the importance of going green

April 22nd is celebrated annually as Earth Day since 1970. Celebrated across the world, the Day upholds the importance of environmental protection. Demonstrations and celebrations are conducted in over 193 countries commemorating the day.