Amit Kumar expresses displeasure over 'Indian Idol-12' Kishore Kumar special

Last updated on May 12, 2021, 07:56 pm
Amit Kumar expresses displeasure over 'Indian Idol-12' Kishore Kumar special
Amit Kumar criticizes 'Indian Idol 12' episode on father Kishore Kumar

Indian Idol 12 managed to disappoint a lot of Kishore Kumar fans with their sub-par special on him. Many angry netizens highlighted how the contestants as well as the judges (Neha Kakkar, Anu Malik and Himesh Reshammiya) didn't do justice to the icon's songs. And now, his son Amit Kumar has spoken out about the episode, where he was a special guest.


Didn't enjoy the episode, wanted to stop it, says Amit

In an interview with TOI, Amit said that he "didn't enjoy the episode at all." The Tirchhi Topiwale singer shared that no matter how they sang, he was asked to praise all contestants. "I thought it'll be a homage to my father. But once there, I just followed what I was asked to do. I wanted to stop the episode," he added.


'They gave me the price I demanded and I went'

The playback singer, always forthcoming, clearly said that it was for money that he agreed to be a part of the special. "Everyone needs money. My father was particular about money. They gave me the price I demanded and I went, why would I have left it? But it's okay. I have full respect for the show and its judges and participants," Amit added.


'Some sort of a joke,' lash out angry netizens

Not just Amit, many viewers were also left fuming with the way the episode shaped up. Netizens opined that it ruined Kishore Kumar's songs. One user said on Twitter, "Kishore Kumar's songs have a lot of depth and simplicity. But here, the songs are being sung by the judges like it's some sort of a joke. Please bring back ACTUAL SINGERS as judges."


The episode had attempted to showcase 100 Kishore Kumar songs

For the unversed, the Kishore Kumar special episode featured 100 of his top songs. The judges and contestants tried to achieve this feat, but the quality was reportedly sub-par. Speaking on Amit's reaction, host Aditya Narayan shared, "It's never easy to honor the legacy of a legend in an hour or two. But we always try our best to put on a great show."


'Amitji could have just told us during shoot if unhappy'

"Amitji has graced the show on multiple occasions and has always praised our contestants and team. This time also he was lavish in his praise. If he wasn't happy with certain aspects of the show he could have just told us during shoot," Narayan said.

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